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    I downloaded the latest vodaphone 4.5 upgrade followed the instructions, deleted the Vendor.xml file and all.. it loaded fine.

    With the SIM out, it boots up fine but in the info section it says T-Mobile for my network not AT&T. Now when I put in my SIM card the red light blinks and alternates with a white screen and won't boot. When I take the SIM out, it boots fine.

    When I download the old AT&T 4.2 8820 software release from the RIM site and did a clean install, I viewed their vendor.xml file and it says T-Mobile in the AT&T software download.

    Does anyone know how to restore my device to AT&T so it will work on their network?

    10-10-08 10:18 PM
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    You need to check out the "proper upgrade/downgrade" thread in the how to section. Should help you out

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    10-10-08 10:56 PM
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    10-10-08 11:00 PM
  4. bassman410's Avatar
    I searched all over and didn't see this information.
    THANKS! for the link.
    10-10-08 11:10 PM