1. okgrjba's Avatar
    Orange UK has as their most recent download for the Curve 8310. Ive searched for it and did not find much, has anybody tried this OS yet?
    Thanks in advance...sorry if it has been discussed. Any help appreciated
    09-01-08 07:05 PM
  2. okgrjba's Avatar
    Sorry, I should have posted this in the 4.5 forum...
    09-01-08 07:07 PM
  3. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    If this is what you are talking then it is not a new OS. It has
    been out for a while and there is a sticky for it in the 83xx section. The Applications is the actual OS version.

    Package Version: - Consisting of:
    Software Platform:
    File name: 8310M_PBr4[1].5.0_rel81_PL2.7.0.68_A4.5.0.55
    File size:80 MB
    09-01-08 07:14 PM
  4. okgrjba's Avatar
    Yeah, I saw that as it began to download. I had .55 before and didnt really like it. Thanks
    09-01-08 07:22 PM