1. kanthos's Avatar
    I searched through the forum but I was unable to find a sufficient answer to this question.

    For a while I have been switching SIMS from phone to phone, recently I had to upgrade my SIM to the 3G SIM Card for my plan with ATT.

    I was wondering what blackberries were 3G capable.

    I have found different answers, I was wondering if anyone could give me a suffiecient response.

    thank you

    12-27-08 10:50 AM
  2. KevlarBoxers's Avatar
    my bold is running on AT&T 3G right now

    12-27-08 11:04 AM
  3. sam2500's Avatar
    Currently on their site looks like just their Bold is the only AT&T 3G Blackberry.
    12-27-08 11:24 AM
  4. dmgraham#WN's Avatar
    The only 3G BB on ATT is the Bold. Swapping BB SIM cards with other phones does not work well, you can make and recieve calls, but thats about all

    12-27-08 11:33 AM
  5. greg24's Avatar
    The Bold is 3G

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    12-27-08 12:02 PM