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    Newbie here,

    Ive been reading these for along time to learn and havent had any issues till this past upgrade, so now i guess its my turn to post and ask a question.

    Here goes.....

    When i try to record a video with my camera now it will take the video and sound, but upon play back the sound is so quiet it cannot be heard. I did a search for this and i must be the only one thats ran into this. I did check my profile sounds and everything is correct, my video's that were recorded prior to the upgrade sound just fine.

    Now on to the bluetooth... It will not work at all, it tries to randomly connect to devices that are stored on my device. I can go through and delete all devices, try to pair again, but keep gettiing errors??

    Any ideas on what would be causing this and how to fix it?

    Thanks Everyone
    10-31-09 09:36 PM
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    Bumpty Bump...
    10-31-09 09:44 PM