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    There are a lot of heated discussions and debates in the forums over BlackBerry 10's launch. I have to say, we are often an over-sensitive bunch. I get why - BlackBerry has been the favorite whipping boy of of the media, of analysts of tech blogs and fanboys for two years. And while much of the criticism is deserved, it's also been taken too far many times. BGR and their "I heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from an unnamed source" stories; the New York Times talking to three people and calling us "uncool". Incorrect facts, negative media stories that forget key details etc. But we're over sensitive. We sometimes jump needlessly on people who find a legimitate issue. We proclaim "the end of the world" when something is changed, we can't figure out how it works or it's minor in the grand scheme of things.

    I would like to get people's balanced take on the BlackBerry 10 launch. Ask yourself these questions:

    1. What three things went well with the BlackBerry 10 launch?

    2. What three things could have been improved?

    3. What three things have popped up on these forums that you think are getting a lot more fuss than they should?

    (Keep it to three)

    For me:

    What went well

    - The change in media perception. I have to hand it to Thorsten and team. They managed to get a lot of positive buzz from the press. Pubs that hated BlackBerry said nice things. analysts that wrote BlackBerry off came on side. Yeah, there's still some negative sentiment and people waiting for any mistake as a chance to pounce, but when you consider how BlackBerry was vilified, their PR strategy was pretty awesome and they got many people excited again. Even the comments on forums are better now.

    - The developer outreach. BlackBerry used to have this, "if we build it they will come" to developer relations. Alec Saunders and his guys did a pretty awesome job going out and recruiting developers. The app count was 3000 for the PlayBook at launch and 70,000 for BlackBerry 10. By all accounts the platform is substantially easier to develop on than before. This is definitely a different approach to developer relations than under the old regime.

    - BlackBerry 10 as an OS I find it nice. Most of the reviews find it nice. There's plenty of debate over whether it will cause people to switch, but I think it does what it's supposed to ... creating an engaging OS that's modern, yet focused on many of the traditional things that people like about BlackBerry. It addresses many longstanding OS issues and is performant and fun to use. Legacy BlackBerry users will usually quite like it and people who liked BlackBerry but left to try something else will like it in many cases.

    What could have gone better:

    - The keynote. First off, I think Thorsten Heins is fantastic in one on one media interviews and I like that he cuts the crap. But I found his keynote a bit dry and awkward. Like many others, I was waiting for some earth shattering surprise to be announced like they had been teasing, but almost everything was leaked. It was great to hear Skype and Kindle were committed but I was expecting more. Thorsten was better than Mike and (especially) Jim at public speaking. And he isn't insane like Steve Ballmer. But Steve Jobs, he is not when it comes to keynotes.

    - The primary apps were not locked down. It was great that they got 70,000 apps. The reviewers did what I expected though - they pointed out the main ones that were missing, and then they honed in on there being a lot of crap. There is crap on every platform, but without firm dates for the likes of Skype/Instagram/Flipboard/Netflix/Kindle/Whatsapp and other apps that are coming, the media honed in on that. Alec did a great job bringing in the quantity. I wish Marty was a bit more concise in saying when we would get the 'top 100' and what they were.

    - The US launch. I get why they launched in New York, given that this was where the media was. But it would have been awfully nice to tell people that this is shipping on one of the carriers now. I get that it's a bit out of their control but a more solid US story would have been great.

    Stuff people get worked up about but I don't care really:

    - The Q10 launch - This was never going to ship at the same time as the Z10. Ever. In fact, it's shipping closer to the Z10 now that the Z10 is late.

    - The Superbowl Ad - I wasn't a huge fan of the commercial. And while I get that some people think it would have been nice to showcase features of the Z10, BlackBerry has the problem that many of their big customers think they're going to go belly up. Just by having a big ad in the Superbowl, they told people "BlackBerry is alive, well, has a new operating system and is ballsy enough and financially well enough to buy a Superbowl ad".

    - BlackBerry 10.0 defects - The forums have noted various release 10.0 issues. Some are legit. Some are user error. Some are of concern for key people and not happening to others. Some people make a big deal out of small issues. Personally, I don't find it any different than other first releases of anything. Witness the iPhone 5. Reports of purple haze when photos are taken; maps glitches; freezes; some users having battery issues.

    Apple is not alone. Neither is BlackBerry. In most cases, software improvements will come.

    My 3/3/3.

    What are yours?
    02-14-13 10:38 PM
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    Sorry man, I agree with you.

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    02-14-13 10:58 PM
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    1. What three things went well with the BlackBerry 10 launch?
    Full Touch Screen Phone One of the biggest things holding BB back was the lack of a full on touch screen phone. Yes the Torch 9850/60 were good phones, but they were not full touch screen. With Apple and Android going "buttonless" years ago, BB was in catch up mode for a long time. That being said, the Z10 is a home run for BB fans, and is good enough to convert Android and iOS lovers. with a swipe gesture based OS, BB has raised the bar, and for the first time in years will force Android and iOS to make changes as opposed to the other way around

    Media Relations With a Super Bowl Ad, and Alicia Keys onboard, BB reached out to the media in a way that has never been seen, and it showed. multiple positive reviews from tech sites and mainstream media, made talking about owning a BB relevant for the first time in a long time.It seemed like you couldn't go anywhere after the launch and not see Thorsten's face on TV or in a newspaper. This was a 180 degree change from Jim and Mike. The buzz that was generated drove the stock higher, and led to lines outside of stores(something usually the domain of Apple).

    customer excitement We saw long lines and excited consumers at every on sale around the world. stores sold out, pre-orders through the roof. people showing off their Z10's to friends that use android and iOS. even people coming back to BB from other ecosystems. instead of people running away from BB's they are running towards them.

    2. What three things could have been improved?
    Keynote as stated above, the keynote, was not exciting enough. yes we saw Kevin cut his hair, but other than that it was almost like a share holder meeting, Thorsten is a great CEO, but he speaks in such a monotone, it puts you to sleep. I half expected something like Michael Buffer saying "Lets get ready to Blackberry", anything to jazz it up a bit.

    Apps yes they are coming, and or can be ported over, but netflix and skype should have been done for the launch.

    staggered launch this phone was so important that is should have been available everywhere withing the first week. Now i am not taking about the US launch(which i will talk about below) but it should have dropped in Canada at the same time as in the UK. Apple seems to be able to get everyone onboard at the same time so BB should too.

    3. What three things have popped up on these forums that you think are getting a lot more fuss than they should?
    US Launch yes the US is the largest market, but carriers hold a lot of power over phone makers that is not evident in the rest of the world. also the FCC takes forever to certify phones for use. so even if BB had gotten the phones to "the big four" earlier, we would have still seen a delay.

    OS issues are their bugs, yep, guess what, that happens, **** Apple hasn't updated their OS in 5 years, and it still has bugs. BB is good about fixing bugs, and with this new OS there is room for growth.

    bashing BB with every negative story(home depot) people need to understand that negative news always gets greater press than positive ones. since BB have been declared dead for the past 3 years, these stories are easier to write than a "BB rises from the ashes" story. we know that BB has a long path to travel due to the former CEO's mistakes, and we are willing to wait, the press, not so much. the news cycle is a short one. we know that BB has cash and a real direction for once, we just need to relax, the press will catch up at some point.
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    02-14-13 11:26 PM
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    Mostly agree as well.

    I liked the confirmation of skype which for me is a deal breaker and screen sharing over bbm

    I would have loved to see a list with launch dates and carrier confirmations all over the world, so far possible of course. I still do not have a clue whether BB10 is coming to the carrier I use.
    Also when they showed the BBM video I would have liked the dude in the UK to have spoken (more?) I never clearly heard him say a word so I stayed a bit in doubt whether the voice quality is as good as currently on BBM7 or whether the video reduces voice quality.

    I have to say the launch event got me more excited about the Z10 then skeptical me was. Unfortunately now I became more skeptical once again with reading the big changes (read missing stuff) with os7 ...
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    02-14-13 11:33 PM

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