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    A i understand it the use of my phone without BB messenger service is fine, as i dont need the functionality of this and will likely keep the phone for so long it will be so cheap in resale I wouldnt mind if no-one wanted to buy it after me,
    us.blackberry.com/apps-software/blackberrymessenger/ I have been able to get the seller to contact original owner now so hopefully he can sort it. However, he was told by his carrier T-Mobile that the pin was locked to the device when he asked them to "release it" so do we have any better terminology for him or can he get the pin changed on the link above as clearly he didnt explain to T-Mobile enough about the circumstance i.e. i am getting his mails?

    I do wonder though about data useage. is it possible to send someone a message to a BB messenger service that results in the recipient owing money? Is it possible for me to lose out on any services of BB with this situation? I don't need an internal message service, but i do want to buy apps,which i have already done so on my own carriers site (sonic the hedgehog - whch I played on a Sega Megadrive perhaps ten - fifteen years ago).
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