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    There's been a couple posts in regards to this in the "I support RIM and I buy shares!" thread, as to the recent (past year) co-relation between the two stock prices. It did deserve its own thread.

    Here's a recent video from BNN that describes the situation.

    Business Day PM : January 23, 2013

    The 2012 "Trade of the Year" for the first half of the year was to short sell RIM, and purchase AAPL shares. With the market having changed since September of last year, it's now going to be very painful: Especially considering the huge drop in price of AAPL, and the dramatic rise in RIM's price.

    How do you close a trade of that nature? You sell AAPL, and buy RIM.

    It's very possible a lot of the change in both AAPL and RIM's price recently has just been a correction back to a reasonable value, and the BB10 release has yet to be priced in.
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    Sell, sell, sell Apple!!!! Buy, buy,buy RIM
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