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    Hi guys,

    always been frustrated by the lack of true IMAP support without splashing out extra cash for the enterprise software. I thought of this as a work around, let me know your thoughts.

    1. Forward all my work email to GMAIL. Gmail allows me to change the email address to match that of my work which is ideal, so I can send and receive emails from client using my gmail account whereas they will not know and assume it is from my work email. I have also set Outlook to download all the mail to outlook on my PC so I can view it in an environment I prefer.

    2. Setup BIS with my gmail Imap settings to download mail, so that I should now technically get push email and 2 way sync now I beleive (if I delete mail in Gmail it will delete it on my device) correct?

    3. Will items sent on my BB be put in the sent items folder on Gmail?

    4. Only issue is if this all works, is that I will have to use Gmail when at work instead of my "proper" work account so that emails between gmail and my device are in sync and upto date.

    Does this all sound feasible and will it work? Only problem left is that my proper work email which forwards emails to gmail will become more of a storage account which will keep mail that is even deleted from Gmail.

    Is there anyway of getting both the Gmail and my work accounts which I have displayed in outlook using IMAP to consolidate their contents? i.e get their contents to be the same using some sort of sync, so that they have the same contents? Would hate to have to go through my work account every evening and delete unessecerry emails as the volume received is large.

    Lastly, how are people finding GMail IMAP on their BBs? Is it instant push email and do changes made on the BB/Server show up on the respectable devices quickly enough?


    01-13-08 08:47 AM