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    Could you guys forward this wishlist to them?

    02-28-14 02:32 AM
  2. chrysaurora's Avatar
    Could you guys forward this wishlist to them?

    Will do. And here is my wishlist:

    My BBM wish-list:

    ** BBM Message Delivery (D/R):

    -> Messages are sometimes delayed on iPhone BBM and Android BBM. URGENTLY investigate this and fix it! Messages should be delivered as close to instantly as possible!

    -> D/R should be available for multiple recipeints too. I think CB had a blog post on it about how Google Hangouts does it. That's a good way of implementing it.

    ** BBM-Group Chats:

    -> Allow us to send pictures AND videos (or any files) directly from Group Chat window. A thumbnail of file sent should appear in the chat-window right away.

    (Right now, I can't share videos! how lame. But even to share pictures, I've to EXIT Group-Chat, GO TO group album, UPLOAD a picture there, GO BACK to Group-Chat, and SEND A MESSAGE "Hey, I just uploaded a picture, check it out"!!)

    ** BBM-Multiperson Chats:

    -> Same as above. Allow us to send pictures AND videos and other files directly from MULTIPERSON CHAT-WINDOW.

    ** BBM Emoticons/Emojis:
    -> I like BBM Emoticons/Emojis. But when you actually send them, they are TOO SMALL. They need to be much bigger (probably twice the size) to be fun. If you send similar looking emoticons, it's hard to tell which emoji is which in a message!

    -> When I am typing a message and want to insert emoticon, I am only able to insert ONE emoticon at a time. As soon as I select emoticon, the emoticon drawer closes. Then I have to open it again and insert another emoticon. Keep the damn emoticon drawer open! So, I can insert MULTIPLE emoticons quickly!
    (whatsApp already does this)

    ** BBM File Transfer:
    -> BBM File transfer limit should be REMOVED altogether.

    -> Allow me to DELETE chat history with one particular contact, instead of having to clear chat history for everyone/whole of BBM!!

    ** BBM PICTURE sending:
    -> By default, it sends low-res picture. You've to LONG-PRESS to request "HIGH QUALITY" version. Many users don't know this. Maybe when a picture is received, show a text-link "request high quality picture" (instead of having to LONG-PRESS thumbnail). So that it's more obvious.

    -> When I select multiple pictures, allow me to share them with BBM contact or BBM Group or BBM Multiperson chat. Right now, I can send only ONE PICTURE AT A TIME. But I often want to send MULTIPLE PICTURES at a time. Allow me to select MULTIPLE pictures and then send them all at once.
    (WhatsApp already does this!!)

    BBM VOICE and BBM VIdeo:
    Auto switch to very low-quality version (audio/video) so that voice-video works even on low-bandwidth/slow data connections! Atleast voice should work on slow data.

    When data speed is not enough, it should show a message, your-data-connection is too slow for high quality voice/video chat. Attempting to reduce quality...

    Screen-sharing should work with just voice call. Why do I have to do a video call to do screensharing?
    02-28-14 08:15 AM
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