1. dfb8085's Avatar
    due to the recent verizon rate plan shakeup and not wanting to give att a chance to do anything before the bb10 come out i am thinking about just going ahead and buy a used os7 device off ebay. i am afraid att will pull the same stunt verizon did and if that happens before bb10 come out then i'm screwed. i have unlimted data and been waiting all this time to upgrade to bb10 but if att will not allow the ones that have unlimted data to upgrade and keep it then the only thing i can do is buy used off ebay and stay a generation behind all the time.

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    06-16-12 01:46 AM
  2. kevinnugent's Avatar
    Make sure the PIN isn't locked by the previous owner.
    06-16-12 04:00 AM
  3. dfb8085's Avatar
    how would i go about doing that

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    06-16-12 06:20 AM
  4. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    Go with a seller who has sold thousands of devices and has near perfect feedback. Also look for what kind of return policy they have. I got my 9930 from fastlanewireless and it was a wonderful transaction.
    06-16-12 07:15 AM
  5. dfb8085's Avatar
    thanks I'll check fastlanewireless
    06-16-12 09:12 AM
  6. otacon's Avatar
    The worse thing that can happen is if the PIN is locked. You can't even activate your device if it's locked. That's cardinal rule #1 when buying a used BB.
    06-16-12 09:35 AM
  7. christenmartin's Avatar
    Ive bought a couple f playbooks and a 9860 off ebay and as previously stated look at the sellers ratings. I had one bad seller ( no rating, should have known) and ebay took care of it. Buy with confidence on ebay. If anything I have been pleasantly surprised by the products i have purchased.
    06-16-12 10:19 AM