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    FNG here, hoping I can find some expertise from a BIS user integrated with 1and1 for Exchange email service supporting Outlook and Outlook Web Access.

    Carrier is AT&T, device is a Bold 9700, but specifically trying figure out what BIS OWA setup wants to see for "Web Access URL", "User Name" and Mailbox Name" when using the 1and1 Exchange service.

    I've been using the email on BB Curve/Bold successfully for ages so I know it works, but got a "must validate" notice yesterday and it wouldn't accept the password.

    Attempted to delete and reconfigure, getting nowhere fast.... didn't seem this hard to configure initially, from what little I can remember.

    Thanks in advance for any advice, pulling out what's left of my hair.....
    04-29-11 05:24 PM
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    Were there any changes done on the mail server, like patches or server upgrade?
    04-29-11 05:40 PM
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    Were there any changes done on the mail server, like patches or server upgrade?
    1and1 isn't very forthcoming, unfortunately. My only hope for finding successful settings is copying the format from somebody with successful integration. I would assume it's an Exchange server issue, but it doesn't seem to be a widespread issue so I have to conclude it might have been my settings.

    Of course, my settings worked fine for a LONG time, but that's not much consolation today.
    04-29-11 06:05 PM
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    I found this thread through Google. I use 1and1 for my personal hosting needs so when one of my customers needed an Exchange solution, I went to 1and1 thinking the service would be up to the same standard as my hosting service.

    I am having the exact same trouble. He was using Exchange through OWA/BIS integration for what must have been a year. The 1and1 Exchange service has been sporadic throughout, but a couple days ago his e-mail invalidated and I cannot reconfigure it. A call to 1and1's outsourced technical support required a lot of clarification of the exact problem before it was realized that the FAQ related to their POP/IMAP services could not assist me with the BlackBerry/Exchange setup. He then informed me that they are aware of the problem and are working on it, but I don't have that much hope.

    For your information, the settings I were using: the e-mail address, password, username "exchange\e1234567" (which is the 1and1 given username), and the mailbox name also from the 1and1 exchange account. It won't let me post links because I am a new user, but the OWA address is https exchange.1and1 / owa, if you can decipher that.

    This was working fine on the BB until a day or two ago.

    Anyone with a resolution or suggestions related to this specific 1and1 issue, please chime in. I am glad it is not only happening to me. I relayed to my customer that if it is not resolved by the end of the weekend, we're going to have to look at changing services even if it requires a two week turnaround to transfer the domain. Unfortunate, indeed that their Exchange service does not seem to be reliable.
    04-29-11 06:34 PM
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    Wow, relieved to see somebody else with this issue. 1and1 Tech Spt is not in the loop, in any case.

    EXACTLY the same experience I had, down to IMAP FAQ redirect.

    Settings and URL also are as I thought, but they don't work right now.

    Ref. the Mailbox Name - was that entered John Doe, johndoe, John.Doe, etc? Mine appears to be "John Doe" format in OWA.

    Thanks for adding to discussion.
    04-29-11 06:59 PM
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    Bump for 1and1 Exchange users? Anyone?
    05-01-11 08:53 AM
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    This may not help, but as an exchange and bes admin, the user name is "domain\user" and then that user password. If they upgraded exchange that may be an issue you cannot fix. Offhand, what version exchange are they running?

    Also you may have to tinker with https or http for the url.

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    05-01-11 10:02 AM
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    I'm not a user of this service in question, however I'm not sure those affected are actually using the right settings or their BES services should be using OWA at all?

    When trying to setup Exchange OWA on BIS read the following link if you can get the details accurate from your service provider:
    KB03133-How to integrate a Microsoft Outlook Web Access email address with a BlackBerry Internet Service account


    KB02858-Unable to integrate a Microsoft Outlook Web Access email address with a BlackBerry Internet Service account

    * Keep in mind if ActiveSync is not enabled on their OWA access then it's not going to work.

    Hopefully these links and the information contained within will be useful to you all.

    05-01-11 01:08 PM
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    Just an update on where I'm headed with this...

    I called 1&1 support again this evening and asked for an update and ETA of resolution. Again, the overseas rep had no information for me other to say that they are working on it and they have no estimated time.

    The service (BB connectivity) has been down for three or four days now...

    Given the historic reliability of their service aside from this issue, I've taken the steps to migrate my client over to GoDaddy's Exchange system, domain transfer and all. The bottom line, 1&1's service is causing me to put hours and hours of labor into "fixing" a system that should not be broken.

    So, my next question, not to change topic: does anyone know whether you can tap into GoDaddy's hosted Exchange using OWA through BIS, or is their BlackBerry add-on/BES service the only way to do it? I did not add on their optional BES service as I want to try to OWA integration first (keep it as little of a change as possible), before adding a BES add-on and BES data plan.
    05-01-11 05:20 PM
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    Thanks to all who provided input here - BIS just let me add the 1and1 OWA, so whatever the issue was appears to be resolved at least for the time being.

    EDIT: I spoke to soon - right after BIS let me add it, I got the "invalid address" note again and of course - it won't validate.

    Clearly the issue is not resolved.
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    05-03-11 08:46 PM