1. dnks87's Avatar
    I just recently got the 10.2.1 update on my Z10 and I'm having problems with my wifi network. I cant turn on my wifi every time I go to settings and turn on wifi it automatically goes back to off once I close the screen to home. Can anyone please help me with this problem??

    Posted via CB10
    11-24-13 05:50 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Try reloading the OS radio, if that doesn't help you may need to reload the OS and not restore settings.
    11-24-13 05:56 PM
  3. dnks87's Avatar
    Should I just autoload the. Exe file of the radio?? Is that what you mean??

    Posted via CB10
    11-24-13 06:02 PM
  4. m1kr0's Avatar
    Yes, just reload the radio file and see how it goes. This leak does not play nice when you restore from any backup by the way. Perhaps that may have caused your initial issues?
    11-24-13 06:14 PM
  5. dnks87's Avatar
    I didn't even restore any backup files until now after updating. So I don't think it's an issue with the restore. My phone is currently on factory settings itself and still am not able to make my wifi work. I have autloaded the OS file twice and i even did the radio autoloader once again but I'm still having a the same issue with my wifi. This happened to me with the last leak as well but when I ran the autoloader the second time it worked. This time around its not even working after loading the thing twice. I think I should install the .exe file again. I really like all the new features this has to offer but without wifi I'll be screwed because I have a limited data plan.

    Posted via CB10
    11-24-13 06:35 PM
  6. tdaye's Avatar
    There is a "BB10 LEAKED/BETA OS" section where you might want to post this and have a look around for your answer. There are a few threads on 10.2.1 issues and fixes.

    Posted via CB10
    11-24-13 06:51 PM
  7. m1kr0's Avatar
    11-24-13 07:03 PM

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