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    Came across this error yesterday and finally got it working again so thought I'd share. Plus, it's highly frustrating (as many of others who've already posted on this topic can attest to) so thought I'd at least share this to eleviate someone else's frustration (and much time wasted trying to fix it).

    SOLUTION: Wipe out memory on the device. (before you do, make sure you have a back up - e.g., on your computer).

    Clear Datafile on Device
    go to Blackberry Device Manager (I have v4.6 so will quote steps based on this). Go to Backup/Restore. Click on Advanced. Click on the datafile you want to erase (in my case it was Address Book and Calendar). Click on Address Book and hit clear at the bottom. When done with this, repeat for Calendar (or whatever other file you want to erase). Again, this will delete everything on your device. I probably lost 5% of my data (at most) but at this point, I had spent probably 20 hours trying other ways to fix it to no avail so 1-5% data loss was better than more trial and error, mostly error. Also, I had trouble clearing the Calendar datafile (after hitting clear and refresh multiple times, it still showed that I had entries). At this point, I shut down the device, took out the battery, waited 30 seconds, and put the battery back in. Went back to Blackberry Desktop Manager and cleared the Calendar datafile.

    Reset Configuration:
    Go to Synchronize
    Hit Reset Configurations
    Close out of everything
    Reboot your machine

    Set up Synchronization / Synchronize:
    when machine boots back up, Go to BB Desktop Mgr
    go to Synchronization, Set up
    Choose 1 item at a time to synchronize. Set up the synchronization (2 way, in my case outlook)
    Then synchronize
    When done, I was lucky that it no longer gave me the pesky 0x80040fb3 error message. i then repeated the synch set up for the other datafile i had left.

    Now, I'm good to go, thank goodness. 20+ hours of my life I won't get back.

    Good luck.

    By the way, this was the only solution I found that worked. I probably read thru every google on the 0x80040fb3 topic. Was on BB website where they tell you there's a dataentry problem with first name/lastname/company in your address book, etc., Tried everything in the book. Chatted with several AT&T techs and talked live to several other AT&T data support techs. Also talked to BB specialists at AT&T. They finally got the RIM people on the line who helped me resolve my problem. While I was waiting with all these techs to research answers to these problems, I also tried all the tricks that worked for people I found on google (e.g., clear our pictures in address book, clear out attachments on calendar entries, clear out events/appts on your calendar for several weeks surrounding the entry you think is the problem - worked for others, didn't work in my case).

    In this process, also upgraded my software from BB v4.3 to BB v4.6. Did not solve the problem. Also reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled everything (not to solve the BB issue, some other issues but was hopeful it would solve the BB issue - did not). Changed configurations in my c: drive. Tried so many things, probably left a few out but hopefully this helps someone.
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