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    Recently I've been reading some awesome reviews about the Zivio BT Headset so with having too much time on my hands, I just sat here and bought one.

    I was looking for a BT headset that provided talk time longer than 5 hours; that seems to be about the average and I really do want something I can use all day w/O having to worry about charging it up after a few hours of use.

    Does anyone here use this one? I got the blue cause it just looks so female in color and I know I'm not going to run into anyone with it cause so many other sites are selling the black one about $40 cheaper and the blue can ONLY be gotten from Zivio directly..

    I am not in the habit of shopping online for BT headset. If anything, I do my research about an item online, then go to the store to buy it- so this is a 1st for me.

    I really wish they had pink as an option.
    03-19-09 04:32 AM
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    I'm really trying to like this headset. Great sound both in and out but the range (or lack thereof) could really use some work - cant get more than a few feet out of sightlines w/o static.

    The fit wasn't the greatest for moi but I'm particular of such. Added a custom earpiece from AverySound and it fits like a glove and I can wear it for hours. Highly recommend the custom earpiece for ANY headset.

    Oh and the battery on this is unbelievable - it really seems to last for days tho I haven't tallied actual talktime as yet.
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    03-19-09 05:08 PM
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    Spike, thanks for your input. I'm sure I'll definitely put it through it's paces. I can do a lot of hours talking on my phone so we'll see if it lives up to it's 10 hrs talk time.

    As far as range is concerned, my phone is usually in the same room that I am- not necessarily on my person. The only headset that I've used in which I could walk all over the house w/O static is my BlueAnt Z9.

    I made my purchase last night and according to the email I rec'd, it shipped today. Cant wait to get it.
    03-19-09 05:31 PM
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    Waiting for my Zivio to arrive is like watching paint dry!
    03-20-09 05:33 PM
  5. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    My headset FINALLY arrived. I feel as if I've been waiting forever for it.

    03-25-09 05:27 PM
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    So what are your thoughts on the unit?
    03-30-09 06:09 PM
  7. harvesthunt's Avatar
    I'm curious too. Maybe she's still talking on it! LOL
    04-02-09 05:31 PM