1. Trini217's Avatar
    hey guys... i love my blackberry z10 but theres 1 issue i still cant figure out... my facebook app works great but when its time to check in my location it keeps saying "you dont have permission to access device location" but i hav turned on my location settings and allowed the app access... can anyone help me resolve this? and ive also tried reinstalling the app
    09-11-13 02:27 PM
  2. Prince Radebe's Avatar
    I am having the same problem, but I hardly use the BB10 app. I don't have a solution but I can assure you that if you access facebook via the web browser check ins work fine.

    The other way is to sideload facebook for Android.
    09-11-13 02:34 PM
  3. Miss_80's Avatar
    The FB app is just terrible. I switched over tot the m website version as well. In parallel I'm looking into getting my fav FB android app onto BB10 => Friendcaster.

    BB10QNX started an initiative on the page of Friendcaster to get the app to BB10.

    Check it out and add your vote as well. They did a great job on Android and iOS so I'm expecting them to be able to make a killer FB for BB10 as well.
    09-13-13 01:08 AM

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