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    I got a email message from RIM this morning..."Your Opinion on Blackberry products is important to us". It started out by saying,.....

    Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of Blackberry, values your opinions and would appreciate your participation in our survey. Your participation will be helpful to our efforts to improve Blackberry products and services. With you feedback and assistance we will be able to better serve you, our valued customer.
    The online survey, conducted by independent research firm, Mindwave Research Inc., will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Simply click on the button below to start your survey.

    So, I get started and answer a few simple questions and get to question #3 (I think) where it asked me if I had any input into my phone and my service plan. My phone is through work, so it isn't my own personal phone, so I answered I have some input into phones and plans that we use, BUT do not make the final decisions on the phones and plans that we have. At this point, where I am only 25% of the way through the survey, the survey kicked me out and said something to the affect that they already had enough responses from my segment of the population and that I was finished.

    Hmmmmm, so much for being a valued customer????

    If I did have the final say to the phones that we use and the plans that we have, I guess I would have continued on with the survey.

    Has anyone else had this survey and completed it to its conclusion? What did RIM want to know from their "valued" customers?

    I should add that I have my own PlayBook, but it never got to that point in the survey and I have had my PlayBook since last May and that I paid the full pop for a 32Gb PB ....$599. So, I do feel that I am a "valued" customer. Now, I am really.....
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    03-22-12 11:30 AM
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    these surveys are not uncommon.
    maybe the next one will be geared more towards you.
    03-22-12 11:57 AM
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    Makes sense. They're obviously looking for opinions of consumers who have complete choice of brand and model for this particular survey as opposed to those whose phones are company-issued. The rest of the questions were probably of the "How do you primarily use your ..." or "How likely are you to <buy/ recommend>" variety.

    Edit: I haven't gotten one of these. Yet.
    03-22-12 12:27 PM
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    You get tons of them if you are a member of Beta Zone....seems like every week they want to know what someone thinks.

    You can always go do some of their surveys on services and impressions on hardware etc.
    03-22-12 12:39 PM