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    i would say innovate bbmm by integrating it with some augmented reality features - what the person near you on a train is listening to - with proper permissions and privacy conditions of course
    11-27-11 10:09 AM
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    Their marketing needs improvement.

    War Is All We Know
    11-27-11 10:21 AM
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    Kevin's articles inspired me to write down my own ideas about what I'd do if I were in charge of RIM.

    First of all, we have to look back at what made blackberry so popular in the past. It provided instant mobile communication where no one else could. It also provided the unrivaled security that made it so sought after by businesses in large scale. Fast forward to today and while BB still has these features, it isn't enough to continue their path of growth with the current competition.

    What made the iphone so popular over the past few years? It has the most attractive overall user experience. An app store filled with countless apps- both entertaining, fun, and functional. Browsing the app store is an enjoyable experience in itself. Also, the UI on the iphone is buttery smooth, and with the retina display everything looks amazing. Menus aren't overly cluttered with text, and itunes helps to gel the platform together neatly. The iphone rose up because no one could provide a platform as well developed as Apple could.

    So in the future, I hope RIM and BBX will reshape the mobile landscape again. To do this, it needs to not only catch up to Apple in the ecosystem, but also needs to 'Leapfrog' the competition, as JB likes to say lol.

    Here is where I would attack:

    1. BlackBerry ecosystem: it is great that RIM controls its own software and hardware, giving it full control over integration. I think BBM music is the right idea, as well as a BB video store. I'd love to see a $10 month for combined all you can stream video+music through BB devices.

    2. Apps: despite devcon being really boring to watch this year, I feel that RIM is doing right in laying the groundwork for their dev platform. Its important to get the native NDK out there, and cascades needs to be implemented soon to make apps shine. It will help BBX phones have a complete app catalog when released. Now there is no reason for devs to not develop for BB unless they have a personal spite against them since the languages are similar across platforms.

    3. Streamlining: from now on, I hope BBX phones only come in 2 versions: full touch slab, and a touch/hybrid candy bar form (bold). Keep BBX high end and don't skimp out on specs here. BBX phones can drift down to lower end the following year the same way Apple does after a new model comes out. Plus the low end can still be covered by os7 in the meantime.

    4. Marketing: I'm hoping to see that super bowl commercial for PlayBook now lol. Market 2.0 in Feb for super bowl. Then go all out with the London at the 2012 olympics. I hope its codename is London for a reason! Also the presenters have got to work on their showmanship if they want to gather interest.

    5. Management: stop settling for anything less than perfect. And know when to say something and when to stay secretive.

    That's enough for now, I hope the changes have already been made and we will see the improvements this coming year...its gonna be big!

    Typed on my 9930

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    11-27-11 10:22 AM
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    Well I'm bored right now and can't seem to fall asleep so I'm gonna have a go at this again with a high level over view:

    IF I were to take over as RIM's CEO on Monday this is what I would do.

    After reorganizing Management structures to fit "my vision" of the company, instituting open clear communication expectations between division managers, and VP's and myself. I would get to work on the Key Areas

    BlackBerry Ecosystem:
    BBM is a KEY part of the BlackBerry ecosystem, BBM Music is a fantastic addition to this, BBM Music would need to be further developed, as well as BBM Movies, BBM Books, I want the BlackBerry Ecosystem to be a SOCIAL ecosystem, designed for interaction.
    BBM Music: Subscription model payable with PayPal/CreditCard/Direct Bank/Carrier Billing,
    $5/Month USD or $50/year USD for 50 Songs, 50 changes per month
    $8/Month USD or $75/year USD for 100 Songs, 100 changes per month
    Song Purchases in MP3 format $.99 - $1.99 each, discounts available based on # of times the song is IN your BBMM Network (example for every user in your network with the song 5c can be discounted from the price, to a maximum savings of 50% of the song title, this makes it worth while to expand your circle of friends, and having friends love similar music to you!
    BBMM would also facilitate though an app world like process uploading original content, independent artist can use BBMM like youtube to get their music out and shared, AND give them access to people BUYing their music through the service, they pay no fee to submit, as they don't get any cuts from the subscription service, but they get a fee per purchase. Schools/Churches could sell their choirs singing to other parishioners in a digital format and spread it around beyond their geographic region
    BBM Books would allow for a Book Club, chatting notifications about chapters completed, what books you've read, "sharing a book" at a discounted purchase price, you buy the eBook for $5, and people in your Book Club would be able to purchase the same book for $2.5 App developers could tie into Book Club to create competitions around books, or tests around books for Schools to use (PlayBook oriented more so than device but available to both)

    A NDK for developing BBM "super apps" would be released, with a frame work around creating social integrated apps, a plug and play idea for the basic app to build upon, like a Weight-loss app could allow you to connect with people with the same goals like BBMM allows with connecting with people who share the same music but not need them on your BBM list. you have groups expanded to have Apps within the groups

    I would Created BlackBerry Social Server: a BlackBerry Social Server would be like a BES, and actually could be integrated with BES, the Social Server would allow websites to host BBM Chats/ BBM Groups /BBM Contents, users get to add Servers to there BBM to get latest Offers sent to them via BBM, to get log into BBM based Group chats like IRC style, sites like CrackBerry could have a BSS to push coupons, to have BB user only POLLS, the BSS would be able to support 10,000's of BlackBerry's connected unlike a single BlackBerry which as Kevin has shown with the stress tests can't really support this.

    BlackBerry Apps,
    RIM has a great opportunity with bringing App developers into the fold offering so many methods to develop apps, I would continue this, I would take it a step further and sponsor 3-5 University credit classes in countries such as Canada, USA, UK, India that would teach the fundamentals of building apps, or integrating with systems, of using NDK's produced by RIM, and marketing Apps to the public, the course would provide in depth knowledge of using RIM tools, RIM supported languages, and Strategies for getting noticed, the skills learned would help students beyond just developing RIM apps, as they would be learning open source languages, but it would certainly put people from many parts of the world INTO the App world process to try and have hands on trouble shooting, I would probably increase Alec Saunders budget for App events, he seems to be doing a really good job and would want to see him do more.

    Devices: THIS is where I differ from most on the forum who post:
    I would INCREASE the number of devices, while streamlining the build process of these devices. There is a global market to consider, and different needs, just as 1 laptop can't rule them all, 1 smartphone, and 1 tablet can't, but I want to be the ecosystem people want their choice ON.
    BlackBerry BOLD line would consist of a Large (9900size) and Small (9790 size) form factor, released 6 months apart, specs for the 2 devices to be inline with eachother, so that apps and OS are 1 and the same
    BlackBerry Curve line would consist of 3 Models, Curve Touch, Curve, and Curve HD,
    Curve touch would share the resolution of the Bold but on a bigger screen, having a generation behind processor from the Bold family, the Curve, and Curve HD would be identical except for the Camera, the HD would have an Industry leading Camera, with the understanding the device will be in a price point between Bold and Standard curve, this device is for the shutter bug user,
    The Torch Line would return to the slider line only, This device would be share the resolution of the Bold but shifted 90 degrees, with the power of the Bold,
    A NEW FULL touchscreen Brand name would launch with the first BBX All touchscreen phone, this All touchscreen phone will be developed with the tablet family more so than the phone family, cutting edge, high power, competitive. this will be the head to head fighting phone released every year for the holiday season,
    The Style/Pearls would both also be revised, though research into the best innards for them would need to be done, and identifying target markets.

    EVERY device would have a much more set in stone development cycle, and quarterly checks into progress to ensure development doesn't fall behind be they 12 month or 18 month cycles. Product managers would over see family's of devices, with teams working together to get the products out the door,

    For the Tablets, I would have 3 PlayBook tablet sizes
    7" Ultra Portable: This is for the user on the go, bring it with them everywhere they go in a pocket, or in a purse, great large screen companion for the QWERTY BB user
    10" Commuter: This is for the user who takes the bus/plane who works in an office and wants something to travel with, but doesn't need it on the go, usually users with Touchscreen phones would go for this size as it offers more than the 7" in increased screen size
    15" Office companion: This is for the user who wants to sync his BlackBerry, this is for the Enterprise who uses BlackBerry's in the office, having a 15" device that Bridges to the BlackBerry and has a Keyboard allows users to sit down at any terminal and have access to THEIR information without managing user accounts on Windows, a mobile user who wants a BIG screen during meetings to show off drawings the size is similar to a laptop but much smaller and less weight, than a laptop for the same tasks.

    Marketing and Sales
    Those that know me know I'm a FIRM believer in using a sales force, RIM needs to adopt a direct sales model like Apple has in addition to sales through distribution, a loss of margin selling to distribution but an increase in direct sales margins would balance this out, with the direct sale model stores like that of BlackBerry LifeStyle could be opened in Key markets in North America and the UK, those stores would be linked to corporate sales support and training staff, to promote BES, and reasons for BES, they would provide training to retailers in a catchment area who also sell BlackBerry's and would position sales staff on key days into BIG box retailers.
    My Marketing campaign in the North American Market with the Launch of BBX would be based on LL Cool J's Momma said knock you out " Don't call it a come back we've been here for years!" We'd come out hard with WHAT RIM offers, WHAT is New, WHAT is familiar, and WHY you want it. we'd follow the Go Daddy model were you'd have your 30 second commercial on TV, but a 5Min commercial on youtube / BBM Movies / BlackBerry Website.
    I would support Native Apps with instructional video's of features with each announcement, loaded to the same mediums,
    The users need to know HOW to use their devices, and the would be users need to see what they are missing.
    Being I too am a Hockey Fan, I wouldn't buy a Team like Jimmy tried but I would buy into a team, for advertising purposes! give every player a BlackBerry / PlayBook, and sponsor BBM Chat with the Players like twitter does though using the former mentioned BSS. I would probably try this with a Rugby Team, Cricket team, and a American FootBall team as well.

    I could go into far more detail for each point, but I think you've already stopped reading before this line

    11-27-11 01:45 PM
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