View Poll Results: Pearl or Curve Snob?

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  • Pearl

    76 25.94%
  • Curve

    217 74.06%
09-14-08 10:01 PM
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  1. oXHESTJEGERXo's Avatar
    Was a pearl snob, now a curve snob
    05-16-08 07:00 PM
  2. sheba510's Avatar
    I am a Curve snob.. Luv my red Curve. Everyone who has seen it has Curve envy.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    05-16-08 07:04 PM
  3. michael95gt's Avatar
    Neither. I have both, but it's kinda hard to be snobbish about a phone IMHO.
    Same here. I love the Pearl's size, but I miss the Curve's GPS when I'm not using it. I'm gonna pick up an 8110 as soon as I get some extra cash; the best of both!!!
    05-16-08 07:49 PM
  4. gadget girl's Avatar
    used to have a pearl now I love the Curve!!!!
    05-16-08 08:32 PM
  5. crackvegas78's Avatar
    qwerty. That is what made my mind up
    05-16-08 08:34 PM
  6. ERDude's Avatar
    I liked the Pearl ok but, really missed the full qwerty of my Treo so, I exchanged it for the Curve.

    For the record I really don't like the look of the new Bold or 9000 or whatever they're calling it today!
    05-16-08 08:37 PM
  7. S311Girle's Avatar
    Pearl snob now, but really really considering going to a curve.....
    05-16-08 08:45 PM
  8. roseroyce's Avatar
    I am going to be a BB BOLD snob.
    05-16-08 09:01 PM
  9. JackyC's Avatar
    I've been using the Pearl for almost a year and a half and I'm starting to dislike it. Actually, I do hate it. I'd much rather get the Curve -- I'd rather have an old 8700 than to use the Pearl. If only the 8700 had a camera, I'd buy a used one on Craigslist. The camera is too important for me. Geez, why don't I just get myself a Curve, then?
    ...cause I'm cheap. I'm sorta waiting on the Bold.

    Anyways, I voted for the Curve, even tho I'm a Pearl user.
    05-16-08 11:43 PM
  10. icaro2000's Avatar
    I think both phones are equals.

    I voted pearl though....but not the 8100. I have the 8120.

    I had the curve 8320 for a week and exchanged it for the 8120. No regrets whatsoever. I wish I could own both.
    I'm gonna wait for the BOLD or Thunder instead of getting the curve. When I get the BOLD, the 8120 will remain as my weekend phone or as a back-up.
    05-17-08 01:34 AM
  11. silx29's Avatar
    i had the pearl for 3 weeks....

    now i have the curve! woooo! i liked the look and the size of the pearl better, but i really dig the full qwerty keypad on my curve!

    i don't think i'll regret it. and i text so much sometimes, i felt like my hands were cramping up on pearl, but not on curve.

    so i vote curve. (plus it has bigger screen than pearl)
    05-17-08 01:46 AM
  12. Pete6's Avatar
    Got both but I only use the Curve as my phone. I still like the Pearl because I had that first but the screen and the keyboard really does it for me.

    What I like is the two phones work pretty much alike, apart from SureType, of course.
    05-17-08 01:58 AM
  13. Duvi's Avatar
    Where is the option for both?
    05-17-08 02:31 AM
  14. icaro2000's Avatar
    Where is the option for both?
    It is a magical option that is invisible. but trust...its there. You just can't see it.
    05-17-08 02:50 AM
  15. CJH315's Avatar
    Currently an 8800 snob, but will soon be a Very BOLD stuck up snob!!!
    05-17-08 02:50 AM
  16. foghorn67's Avatar
    I have the 8130, love it. My friend ditched his crappy Treo for a 8330, I love that too. So I pick both!
    05-17-08 02:53 AM
  17. Duvi's Avatar
    Currently an 8800 snob, but will soon be a Very BOLD stuck up snob!!!
    I will definitely be a BOLD snob... "Hey, I can use my phone and while doing so, BB message and use the internet, all at the same time."


    05-17-08 02:53 AM
  18. sjunkie#AC's Avatar
    I like the curve too but absolutely love the size of my pearl. When you have to put a bunch of junk in your pocket th size of this little thing just can't be beat. That's of course if your like me who abhors the idea of holsters. But to each their own!

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    05-17-08 02:59 AM
  19. TBolt's Avatar
    ever notice that (Curves) are from Mars, (Pearls) are from Venus?
    05-17-08 03:54 AM
  20. user0011's Avatar
    Eh, au contraire......
    To those who assumed my post was directed at being a Curve snob myself, that's not the case. First, I'm not really snobbish about a friggin' phone. Second, I spent the last two weeks wrestling with SureType(again) and couldn't find the love. Third, I'm posting from an 8820.
    I'll probably go back to a Curve before too long. However I am a firm believer that bigger is better.

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    05-17-08 05:59 AM
  21. rpalumbo's Avatar
    Curve snob, but I rather be a Bold snob!!!

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    05-17-08 06:18 AM
  22. GmrPnm21's Avatar
    Both are nice, but I guess I'm a Pearl snob. What's it mean when you won't let anyone else touch your phone for fear of them smudging/scratching it?
    05-17-08 06:35 AM
  23. jidx's Avatar
    The curve rocks!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    05-17-08 06:39 AM
  24. missdee's Avatar
    honestly, i like both the pearl and curve... had the pearl for 2 weeks, but after seeing everyone who had a curve on here it got me to thinking, and now i am so in love!
    05-17-08 12:07 PM
  25. silx29's Avatar
    Bigger is not always better, like someone else said I hate using a holster and always leave my bb in my pocket. So smaller pearl was better in that way.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    05-17-08 12:56 PM
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