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    So... I know this is a dead horse to some, and to those of you who think so goes my most sincere and honest "pffft", right from the bottom of my heart. But seriously, this is driving me nuts and I would appreciate any help you can give me

    I'm on BIS and need to sync my IMAP email account's SENTbox with my BB. By default, when I send an email from somewhere else (not BB), that email won't show anywhere on the BB. I wonder why; after all, that's what IMAP is for.

    Current situation: To circumvent BB not syncing the Sent box, I've set up the server so that emails I send are saved in the Inbox, not in the Sent box. So right now, emails I send from somewhere else appear as new/unread in BB, with "new email" icon and all, and I have to manually mark them as unread. This is annoying to say the least; it brings up new problems with my other email apps, and it's a dirty workaround that I wouldn't have to do if Blackberry would adhere to global IMAP standards, or at least offer an option to sync other folders besides the Inbox and the Trash.

    So, is there a way to tell BB to sync the Sent box?

    Muchas gracias, fellow crackers. I appreciate it.
    09-28-10 08:47 PM