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    Weird. My friend's BBM Group Chat started reflecting messages from the year 2043 yesterday and we all laughed and made fun of his 9780. A few hours ago, I started receiving pictures posted to one of my Group Chats to show an Aug 2043 date as well. I tested by posting a picture to the group chat, and lo and behold, Aug 2043! I double checked my 9900's set time and all seems fine ie. the correct date and time were set and the correct time zone was set as well. Another thread posted in September in this forum indicated that someone else had a similar year 2043 (same number!) problem back then. Anyone else having this issue?

    FYI, I'm using OS on my 9900 while my friend is using OS6 on his 9780 so it can't be OS related..
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    Not here...........
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    Do you drive a Delorean DMC-12 with a Mr. Fusion on the back?
    11-04-11 08:39 AM
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    It's not the UNIX epoch fail... that's in 2038.

    After that: beats me.
    11-04-11 08:57 AM
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    Did Darth Vader come visit you last night? Did he say he would melt your brain?

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    11-04-11 09:01 AM
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    I have the same issue on my 9900 (T-Mobile UK). My SMS for the last 2 days come with a date of 2043 even though the BB system date / time are correct and on auto update from the network.

    Interestingly, and perhaps related, some of my future events in Twinkle have disappeared!
    11-23-11 09:12 AM
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    Lolz turn off auto update. Maybe tmobile fault

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    11-23-11 09:42 AM