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    Hello again all,
    I've had a yahoo account for ages and it's the only one I've synced with my z10 for now, waiting for the updates and all before I make a full switch from my SG3, considering that the battery life on the z10 isn't impressive and so I have to limit the email accounts on it. I was wondering though......is there a way to enable vibration when you receive a ping on BBM? i'm not talking about turning vibration on for every message received on BBM. I'm specifically asking about pings since that was a gesture with older OS..whether vibration is turned on or off. Secondly , I can find folders in my configured yahoo mail but no spam folder some important mails find their way into it and it would make sense if the folder was included mm is there a way around either of the two? Thanks house.
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    Please can someone say something about this post? Anything...thanks.

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