1. Berryman's Avatar
    The title is hardly stating anything new, but this recent press article contains some interesting responses.

    This statement made me laugh, "Instead of using wireless devices to arrange meetings and business appointments, they should use them to schedule some free time"

    Yeah, now wake up to the real world!

    BlackBerrys, laptops blur work/home balance: poll - Yahoo! News
    04-09-07 05:30 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Only the other day I was thinking to myself I spend too much time on my PC, BlackBerry, and doing related I.T. stuff. Am I wasting my life away, am I missing things?

    Maybe I need a break, LOL

    But, on a serious note, if we fail to pay attention, it will all zoom right by us...
    04-09-07 08:43 PM
  3. MMB916's Avatar
    Yes, Berryman...I agree...I think it depends on what your job is and what you life is like "the real world".

    For Navilyn and most of us, technology is also a hobby. I think if it starts making you feel badly, then you need to look at why your unhappy or feel that life is running by you.

    I think no matter what - it's a hard balance...no one should miss life because of technology however, technology has become our life and it moves fast - so somehow to keep up you need to always learn/play with it while also enjoying those around you (easier said then done I know).

    04-09-07 11:03 PM