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    Not sure if this is the right forum, didn't find anything on a search, so here goes...

    I have one email account that I read and reply via my web browser, rather than push it to the phone. This has worked fine since I've had the phone.
    However, Yahoo has recently changed their online reply window so that it doesn't preserve paragraph breaks in the email.

    If I paste text in, paragraphs are not preserved. Also, the quoted material in the email (stuff from the original email that I am responding to), has lost its paragraph breaks, and is all smooshed together. (Or is that smushed?)

    Is there something I can do on my end to affect this? I was thinking about messing with the encoding setting, but not sure that would work, and not sure which one to choose.

    Anyone else having this issue? Ideas anyone?


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    10-28-11 07:04 PM