06-19-18 08:59 AM
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  1. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    So, I have multiple email accounts on my 2 BlackBerrys, but my main one is a yahoo account. Anyways, my 2 yahoo accounts are NOT sending from my BlackBerry but they work completely fine on my computer right now. Also, all other email accounts (gmail and a live.com) are working completely fine from my BlackBerry.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    P.S. I have checked my passwords and they are definitely correct.
    06-15-11 02:47 PM
  2. mendo2's Avatar
    Just started today. Unable to send messages from Yahoo on BB. Receiving messages OK. Reset device, re-entered password...nothing.
    06-15-11 03:55 PM
  3. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    same here. Yahoo was working ok this morn and just within the last hour or so i've been getting the red X when i try to send something. hopefully it will be resolved soon! I hate when this happens they are in the process of updating their yahoo, so perhaps that could be why. I noticed today when i signed into my acct, the page suddenly reloaded itself with the "new look" and their whole smeal on faster email etc. So its possible they're just updating and hopefully will be done soon!

    it does seem to be moving slowly, i use it to upload to PB and it took about 13 tries to send my screen capture, and then took about 5 mins to get the code back, so it seems to be hit or miss when sending right now.
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    06-15-11 03:59 PM
  4. LibraMami's Avatar
    i was having the same problem. mine just started working again.
    06-15-11 04:00 PM
  5. LibraMami's Avatar
    i spoke too soon...just did another test email and i'm getting the red X again *sigh* hopefully things are back to normal soon.
    06-15-11 04:02 PM
  6. jayvalle42's Avatar
    Same here - hit and miss as far as sending goes -- more miss. Spoke to Verizon (my provider) and they said there is an issue on Yahoo's end...not sure who to contact from Yahoo - so waiting it out...
    06-15-11 05:08 PM
  7. dfaris's Avatar
    Just worked fine for me.
    06-15-11 07:05 PM
  8. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    Still not sending for me. Im receiving with no problems, but I cant send a yahoo email. Strange thing is that last night I was able to get one email sent after resending about 15 times.....

    Anyone with a non-BlackBerry phone having Yahoo problems?
    06-16-11 07:22 AM
  9. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    I just tested it and it's working fine for me, sending and receiving.

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    06-16-11 07:26 AM
  10. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    Interesting, my yahoo account is working now, but my vzw.blackberry account is Not working....
    06-16-11 07:33 AM
  11. jlb21's Avatar
    Oh thank god I saw this thread....I am not crazy.

    I was having all sorts of problems with my yahoo mail on my berry and also Yahoo Messenger. Red Xs....usually able to resend after a few tries. Yahoo mail keeps disconnecting, etc. Some problems this morning too.

    I rebooted, did some BPs, resent service books...the whole 9 yards. Sheesh, I was this close to reloading the software before I saw this thread. Though perhaps its time to do that anyway......

    I hope that whatever they are doing is completed soon!

    ETA: In fact yahoo mail on my laptop is doing a funky thing too. The little rotating arrow on the FireFox tab keeps cycling when on yahoo mail......hmmm.....
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    06-16-11 08:00 AM
  12. berryaddictnoza's Avatar
    Had the same problem even though I access my Yahoo e-mail through Yahoo app instead of having it push to my BB. I updated the Yahoo app and everything works fine now. Will the people that have Yahoo push to their BB's need to re-setup their Yahoo e-mail?

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    06-16-11 08:42 AM
  13. jlb21's Avatar
    Resending service books would essentially be the same as doing that. I guess I could remove the email and the re-add it. But I doubt either is necessary. I think it is just a matter of timing with whatever they are doing.
    06-16-11 08:56 AM
  14. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    Mine has been working flawlessly since about 10am this morning.
    06-16-11 11:33 AM
  15. pks's Avatar
    I am having issues with my yahoo account as well. Emails are delayed up to an hour and they get bulk sent to my BB. When I read or delete emails on my bb, it does not reconcile with the yahoo account.
    06-18-11 06:45 AM
  16. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    My yahoo account is working fine.
    06-18-11 01:38 PM
  17. sneaksnoise's Avatar
    I've been having intermittent issues with sending email from at least one of my Yahoo! accounts. And today, email from at least one of those accounts is not being pushed to my phone; there were 16 unread emails in my inbox when I logged in from my computer.

    Two or three of those messages were ones that I saw yesterday on my phone, but they hadn't been marked read. And I'm pretty sure I'd tried to delete one or more of them from my phone, as well, but there they were - marked unread.

    I did receive something from another Yahoo! account, but not from my main one. All that said, I appear to be receiving email from all my non-Yahoo! accounts.

    I think it's a Yahoo! issue. They've made so many changes lately.
    07-19-11 12:12 PM
  18. sneaksnoise's Avatar
    Ah...I "spoke" too soon. Now, some of those messages are starting to appear on my Curve. Better late than never, I suppose.
    07-19-11 12:14 PM
  19. dictoresno's Avatar
    ive noticed an issue with my yahoo email as well. most emails arent being pushed at all. they are showing sent on my phone, after one or two tries. i sent myself a test email which did go through, but it never got pushed to my phone. anyone else????
    07-19-11 04:17 PM
  20. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Not getting yahoo messages to go thru. "General Failure"....great, that clears it up!!
    07-19-11 04:25 PM
  21. mooch91's Avatar
    Same for me, needs resend 2 - 3 times before going through. What gives?
    07-19-11 08:14 PM
  22. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Same for me. Yahoo messages not going to my BB for the last few weeks.Period. No matter how many times I resend. Found 35 unread on my pc! YIKES!!!!!!!
    07-19-11 08:32 PM
  23. jlb21's Avatar
    Yeah....WTF?!?!?! It's been a real pain lately...mail and Yahoo IM.
    07-20-11 08:58 AM
  24. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Mine is working this morning
    07-20-11 09:27 AM
  25. Samurai62's Avatar
    I have had the same problem. the last yahoo email I have got in the blackberry hub was 15 hours ago. I have been going to yahoo.com and just use my log on info to rad my emails.
    06-14-18 06:29 PM
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