1. ccham_36's Avatar
    I have a BB 9700 and live in bahrain. All providers in Bahrain tell me that Yahoo Mail is not available here. I emailed Yahoo and they confirmed that YM and Yahoo Mail are not available here. I was able to find and download the YM service book and now that works but cant find a Yahoo Mail service book. Does anyone have a place where I can download the Yahoo Mail sdervice book? Any other ideas?
    05-22-10 01:03 AM
  2. SharnKiwi's Avatar
    Log on your carrier's BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) website on your computer (if you have a Blackberry Data Plan) and click on "set up email" and add your yahoo mail.

    For Yahoo Messenger you can search on Smartphones, Cell Phones & Smart Phones at BlackBerry.com and put in your location of your country and go to software to find yahoo messenger to download or try BeejiveIM.

    For the service book it would say name of your yahoo email address:
    @yahoo.com [CICAL]
    @yahoo.com [CMIME]

    So only your carrier/company (if they have a BIS or BES) can send the service books.

    I don't know any way of adding service books.
    05-22-10 01:39 AM
  3. ccham_36's Avatar
    Thanks, but the point is that Yahoo Mail is not available in Bahrain on any of the carriers. Thats why I need the individual service book if anyone has it. I was able to find the Yahoo Messenger service book on this site and download it and then put it on my phone but not Yahoo Mail. Appreciate if anyone else has a work around other than forwarding my yahoo mail to another account. By the way, it works great with sim cards in Inodnesia, Singapore Thailand and uk so its not a hardware problem. Yahoo confirms that Yahoo Mail is not available to Balckberry in bahrain. I think they just dont push the service book and want to see if that will fix it.
    05-23-10 06:12 AM
  4. Branta's Avatar
    You need to clarify your request. Are you looking for
    (a) a SB which pushes a download of the Yahoo mail client to your phone like the Messenger client?
    (b) are you trying to get a SB which adds a mailbox@yahoo into your regular BlackBerry push mail?

    The suggestion above from SharnKiwi should let you setup mailbox@yahoo to be pushed to your phone. I don't see any advantage to trying to get a native mail application when BlackBerry push mail should do the job at least as well.

    Checking... the only Yahoo SB on my device is for Yahoo Messenger.
    05-23-10 06:35 AM
  5. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    I believe that this has been discussed before. In those countries where Yahoo is blocked, there is no way to get Yahoo email on the BlackBerry.
    05-23-10 07:44 AM