1. NAMJR's Avatar
    just got my b.b. curve. i have 2 yahoo e-mail accts. one personal and one biz. when i send a test e-mail to both accounts at the same time i get a burst on my screen and a chime for the biz acct within seconds of sending the e-mail, the personal however takes anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to get an alert, and sometimes the alert doesn't come at all, these are e-mails i send at the exact same time and the result is always the same. soooo frustrating, can anyone help before i smash this thing??
    06-12-10 03:37 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    For a guess, your business account is configured to access the server by IMAP, and the personal account is using POP3. Some IMAP servers can automatically notify the Blackberry server as soon as new mail arrives but the older POP3 system must wait for scheduled checking by the BB system.

    At your PC, go to your BIS server's email setup, and select Edit for the one of the mail accounts. Then select Advanced Settings, and note the parameters. Compare with the other account.

    Assuming both accounts are hosted on a server with IMAP available, you will have to remove the existing entry from BIS and rebuild it using the desired server type during setup.
    06-12-10 04:51 PM
  3. NAMJR's Avatar
    thanks for your response. i had to look up BIS. - BlackBerry Internet Service = email service provided by the respective carrier. i went to the bb e-mail set up page and there is no option for advanced settings. the three options are change device / language / or password. i checked my yahoo account to see if my mail was pop3 or imap but it does not tell you that info, also i was told that you do not controll if your account is pop3 or imap. i dont get how a test e-mail sent to both my yahoo addresses at the same time will only get to my bb via my biz acct and my personal is on such a crazy delay. any other ideas??? i hate logging in and seeing 10+ missed e-mails waiting for me in my personal box with no notification, while my biz e-mail is instant each and every time..
    06-13-10 04:24 PM
  4. shfjcs's Avatar
    I don't know if this is related or not, but check this out: http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/yah...issues-478659/

    Are your emails from biz reconciling normally? When you read it on your BB, is it seen as already read on your computer? Just curious, thanks.
    06-13-10 09:47 PM
  5. NAMJR's Avatar
    thanks for the link, but i cant answer your question because i check my personal email several times a day since my bb is useless as far as notifications go (unless its for my biz yahoo acct. which works instantly) have been on the computer the last two hours doing bat pulls, powering off and on, and deleting then adding the accounts over and over again with no luck. i send an email from my pc to both yahoo addresses, type test as the subject along with the time, push send and in the blink of an eye i get a notification burst and tone from the biz email acct, while the personal shows up anywhere from 5-30 min later or maybe not at all. WHAT GIVES???? THIS SUXXXXXXXXXX
    06-13-10 10:14 PM
  6. BBMaverick's Avatar
    If all else fails; maybe it's time to switch to Gmail! (You'll never look back.)
    06-13-10 10:26 PM
  7. NAMJR's Avatar
    well rocketman, i decided to cave and take your advice, i opened a gmail acct. you were right, the gmail is nice. the only problem now is, when i get an email i get audio notification in just a few seconds, but no visual, no burts on the screen, but when i send the service books i get the red burst, go figure........
    06-15-10 01:34 PM