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    i went thru 3 day trial, says my trial expired. i looked my account been charged for next billing cycle. but i cant buy it (no link to buy) i try a channel and it says my trial expired. that is idiotic! anyone experience this on the "new" att?
    11-24-07 11:22 PM
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    Hmm never experienced it, but I do know that AT&T is not even the provider of the service, their just the "go between" for the application it's self, just call AT&T and they will remove the charges and get you to MobiTV support....or better yet, do the support yourself thru MobiTV's website under the support section...MobiTV, MobiRadio and XM Radio, are not even AT&T products they just resell the service, although I do love how you were so quick to blame the "new" AT&T for the issue lol....similar to when RIM has problems, but everyone blames AT&T for them lmao!!

    From MobiTV's support site:

    AT&T Customers can text message the word “XM” to the number “43888” to receive a text messages to buy and install XM Radio Mobile. AT&T Customers can also sign up to XM Radio Mobile through AT&T by completing one of the series of steps below:
    For Blackberry and Java Phones
    To buy XM Radio Mobile through AT&T MEdia Net:

    1. Go to the Main Menu of the phone
    2. Select MEdia Net and proceed to the MEdia Net Home
    3. Under categories, select “Entertainment”
    4. Select “Music”
    5. Select “XM Radio Mobile”
    6. Follow the onscreen steps to subscribe and install XM Radio Mobile
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    well funny enough when i payed my bill $89 or so i asked it be deleted my account and att rep would let the "newer" att, lol, know!! least i get 8.99 credit

    Your Videos4BlackBerry-For Your Video Needs is great site, its where i got ideo to convert mp4 vids into 3g 320x240 to watch on my bb.
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