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    I know we have Snap10, and it's great. Well, if you have the pro version it's great. The free app is ladled with apps EVERYWHERE, especially in the settings menu.

    What app does that? Most do it outside the settings menu.

    I know most would say "Pay for it.", and believe me I have, but those who can't afford to/don't justify it... Just put less ads in the app please. It's a great app, just has ****ty ad placement.

    ANYWAY, do you guys think it would be worthwhile to vote to get Snapchat to even remotely consider bringing their app to BlackBerry phones?

    Since they're going on a rampage to get rid of 3rd party snapchat apps (see Rudy Huyn's 6snap), would voting hurt? Who knows, they *may* actually listen.

    Edit TL;DR: something something, lost direction, vote for Snapchat to consider bringing their app to BlackBerry.
    01-10-15 08:04 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar

    ^^ You'll find a few thoughts on it in the already existing thread.
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    01-10-15 08:16 PM

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