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    Does anyone who work for him or has a lot of information they could give me about working for the company.... I'd really like to have that type of life style and I'm completely dedicated to the work, I may not know much now but I'm willing to learn if u can BBM me at pin:21CC776B that would be great! If u can't do that my email is d.stewart4673@yahoo.com... Please and thank you..

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    04-08-10 10:46 PM
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    Replying so I can subscribe to this from my 9700 on the mobile site.

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    04-08-10 10:48 PM
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    One may I suggest removing you email address. Unless you welcome spam to your inbox...

    Not good on a forum.. Maybe having a interested person PM you info if they like too.

    Also, maybe check out RIM Careers - Jobs at Research In Motion Careers

    04-08-10 11:03 PM
  4. Masahiro's Avatar
    Mike Lazaridis is the co-CEO of Research In Motion, not BlackBerry, but you already know that right? I hope...
    04-08-10 11:33 PM
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    RIM is hiring like crazy. They aren't just posting jobs in Waterloo but they have all sort of jobs worldwide. Most of their positions are pretty high up though unless you're looking to work in a Mexican factory. Hehe.
    04-09-10 12:49 AM