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    Hi there so I have seen threads in the past where users were having problems with the volume up and down keys on their blackberry devices. Well unfortunately I am now one of those people. My volume up and down keys both no longer work on my phone. Yesterday they both worked. Now today they don't. I took off my phone case and looked at the volume keys and my volume up key actually was broken off and now they both don't work.

    What I need to know is if there is ANY sort of workaround for my volume keys... I mean even if I have to download an app load it up and change the volume it would still work for me. Ideally I would like an app that adds a volume up and volume down option into the menu you get when you click the little blackberry icon above the keyboard. I have a blackberry Curve 9300 3G OS6 if that helps at all. So yeah anyways if their is some software workaround or a hardware "fix" to my volume keys then please reply below thanks!

    P.S. Currently my volume on my phone is stuck on zero =(
    06-07-14 08:56 PM
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    Change/edit volumes via settings

    06-07-14 09:19 PM
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    Workaround for lack of volume convenience keys???-img_20140607_212059.png

    Welcome... to the world of TOMORROW!
    06-07-14 09:21 PM
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome... to the world of TOMORROW!
    No such option I can find on phone... I have a Blackberry Curve 9300 3G OS 6. Unless of course someone else here knows where it would be on my phone I cannot find any such setting.
    06-07-14 09:43 PM

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