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    I have recently upgraded to a Tour from a Curve, and am 95% happy with the switch. I am however having one major frustration that I hope I can get some help with:

    All of my work voicemails come in through my email, as attached wav files. Previously I was able to play these as I drove around town, through my bluetooth headset (a trusty Plantronics Voyager 510). For whatever reason I cannot do this through my new Tour. I've played around with the options and it seems that my options are to play it through the handset, or speakerphone...but no headset.

    Has anyone experienced this and come up with any solutions or workarounds?

    I was not able to find any information on the topics within the CB forums but apologize if I missed the answer I am looking for.
    11-10-09 08:23 PM
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    Is anyone else having this problem? My bluetooth is used daily for making calls with no problems, but not being able to hear my voicemails through it is especially frustrating.
    11-13-09 09:18 PM
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    finally gotten around to taking a fresh look at this problem. i don't get as many voicemails this time of year but this is still a major annoyance.

    my theory is that the blackberry media player that came with my old curve supported playing wav files through my bluetooth headset, and a newer version of the blackberry media player, the one that came with my tour 9630, does not. this is a strange circumstance of a reverse upgrade.

    what i am hopeful i can do is determine the version of the media software that came with my curve, download it and install it through desktop manager, overwriting the newer version that is currently on my tour.

    wish me luck and PLEASE if anyone has any insight on this, please help!
    05-28-10 09:17 PM