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    Hi, I'm lila I'm using a blackberry bold 9780 and basically what happened was I purchased it in early june, my blackberry bold was then stolen in early july and I filed a police report and the person got arrested and handed it over and I got it back on monday.

    It's been unblacklisted and all that stuff and I've tried to rresearch it a lot, basically the problem is that when it got stolen the BlackBerry service book database has been cleared, whenever I tryy to go to email set up it automatically directs to me enterprise activation and this is a personal bb not a business one. This is making it ao blackberry internet service will not work. When I first purchased this bb I made an account then, where can I sign into that and if not where can i make a new internet email account?

    I have an all you can eat data plan and free blackberry services for 6 months btw (well I'm meant to, and I've called up my network various times and no one can seem to help)

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    09-29-11 03:53 AM
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    As noted in your other thread that you created yesterday, your BlackBerry Data Plan is not properly set up for your device.


    You need to contact your carrier.
    09-29-11 05:18 AM