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    Hi everyone!! This thread might be moved to the Sprint thread but I wanted to let everyone know first since this section is most visited I believe.

    I was researching company discounts which I'm sure a lot of you are aware of their existance and decided to call Sprint and see what I'm eligible for. Here's how it goes. I have 3 lines on my account with one line being free and my plan is the Everything data family share, Any Mobile Anytime. So I pay $129 plus the $19.99 for the second or third line. They just granted me a 23% monthly discount on the $129 and another 23% dicount on the $19.99 that I pay each month. And furthermore, the discount can be granted for anyone on the account, not only the account holder!! We just have to reply to the email once they send it (within 24 hrs we should get it) and it will tell everything that's included. And we should see this discount within the next 1 or 2 statements. I'm so ecxited, I just can't hide it...lol!

    Be aware a eligible discount does extend your service agreement.
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