04-10-10 12:38 PM
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  1. anon(98566)'s Avatar
    I want a Tour form factor with a high-res AMOLED touch screen (same 480x320 is fine by me).

    16GB internal memory, so I can leave my iPod at home more often.

    A Windows Mobile like today theme with proper listing of upcoming appointments, tasks, and emails with from and subject.

    Better Outlook sync/integration. Something like activesync; a streamlined sync tool. Not a bloated multifunction desktop manager. Let them be separate.

    Allow the use of custom categories for all PIM applications (contacts, calendar, tasks).

    Better battery life.

    Oh, and replace the stupid $ key with a . key. Yeah, I know you can double tap the space bar, but I think the $ is a clear indicator that RIM is more worried about $ than .
    04-09-10 04:44 PM
  2. cloudline9700's Avatar
    Better OS
    Better browser
    Better app store
    Better UI
    04-09-10 05:19 PM
  3. Masahiro's Avatar
    I just want the new browser. With a new browser, the need for particular apps decrease.

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    04-09-10 06:16 PM
  4. StAiChiLLiN's Avatar
    Better youtube and access to podcasts.
    Pretty much media playback.

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    04-09-10 06:36 PM
  5. iBalushi's Avatar
    An Ocarina
    04-10-10 06:47 AM
  6. dancing-bass's Avatar
    If the thread annoyed you you could have simply skipped it. But go ahead,
    do whatever blows your hair back. What would the internet be without E-Thugs.
    Well put AG.

    my wishlist?
    1) more media friendly (similar to iPhone
    2) flash capable (which would probably require a processor/memory upgrade)
    3) and just for kicks and giggles:

    a true 16:9 screen (same ratio as movies) with touch NOT surepress
    a good slide-down QWERTY underneath that with trackpad

    4) just to jump on the bandwagon - "more apps" no idea what, but everyone else wants it so now I want it too
    04-10-10 07:14 AM
  7. CGI's Avatar
    1) A browser
    2) Another 9000 sized device
    3) More powerful processor and memory
    4) A better camera
    5) Easier OS for developers
    04-10-10 09:49 AM
  8. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    The ability to sort email by date, sender, and subject natively. For the "premiere"
    email device this should be par for the course. I should not need a 3rd party app
    to make that happen.
    I'd like to see this taken a Step further:

    I would like to be able to have Folders and Rules set up so that emails are sorted into folders based on Sender, Subject, Priority.
    So that I can view emails by sender, in Date they are received, or Sort by sender and subject to keep conversations together and read the list.

    I am going to get very long winded here,

    Putting hardware improvements aside, and just sticking with what would be my perfect Smart phone, and ideally blackberry in terms of standard software.

    First I will Start with Contact Management.

    The contact manager needs to do the following
    Allow Group contact creation:
    example I go into Business ABC, and meet Joe, Kim, Jen, I want to make a contact by either, "Individual" or "Group Contact"
    I select Group contact, and Enter these fields

    Group / Business name:
    Group / Business Shared Phone number:[add+]
    Group / Business Fax number: [add+]
    Group / Business Address:
    Persons title
    Persons First / Last name
    Persons extension:
    Persons email address[add+]
    Persons mobile number
    ADD + person

    Each person would also then have an individual contact created, for further editing and adding more information: that contact would be populated with all the date from the group, and would be updated as the group is updated, so if the business address changes, all people in the group's address change, unless person is removed from group.

    I would like All contacts to have a journal / call report option, both group and individuals, the Journal would note calls to the person/ duration of calls, as well as allow you to add notes about the call, or Notes that you define the date / time/ duration for. the amount of data stored should be user defined. THIS would be a Major tool for business to business selling,

    you should be able to search inbox from a contact entry.

    I mentioned basic email changes in reply to AG's post. conversational email support A'la Gmail would be ideal, without needing the account to be a gmail account, my work e-mails would really benefit from conversational email support, in addition to "advanced" sorting and rule features.

    the Calendar needs to link to Contacts, and emails easier for booking appointment, it needs multiple colours, and a easy entry todo list, One should be able to include attendees to a Meeting without HAVING to send out an invite to that person, so you can create a meeting for you and a colleague and share who is attending's details, without sending the invite to the person you are going to meet, this would be for the cold call, or surprise visit, also useful for setting up parties.

    I need a Browser that can do flash, Youtube, and other video sites would be nice, thought I tell every webmaster for every business I work with that they should look at building a mobile friendly version of the site, the chances are slim many will do so.

    I would really like to see the "bump" feature of the iPhone on BB's to share contacts, be it your own, or anyone in the contact list, the Bar Code thing sucks as it only shares Pins, I want all the contact information. and I want it quickly

    Voice dial needs to allow for "Nicknames" to be applied to contacts, when you have 5 Joe Stephensons, it is a PAIN to use Voice dial, and with Hands free laws, you need to be able to set Nicknames,

    I would like Geo Taging of Pictures, and the ability to add textual data to the picture file so that under "properties" of the picture on the computer you'd see notes about the picture, this would be useful for Business photo's of products and locations, I often have to take a pic, then send as e-mail to add the data, then Edit the image to attach the data to the image, it easily can be done in a single swoop, take picture of Widget 1, Save Pic, attach Geotag, add Note,

    I would like to be able to turn off voice and leave data on, or vise versa, as well as to easily STOP delivery of e-mails from specific accounts at times of day, say NO business e-mails to come through from 8pm to 5am, but personal ones can, or block personal from 9-5 this would be great when roaming as well, to keep charges down when paying by the MB, only receiving the e-mails you'll NEED while in the other country,

    Ok I feel I've gotten long winded enough I could easily go on many other subjects, but if these were addressed I would be happy to get 3rd party apps to do other small things.
    04-10-10 10:46 AM
  9. markaveli420's Avatar
    More memory, more colors besides black, keyboard like the 8700g (really easy to press).

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    04-10-10 12:26 PM
  10. mapimages's Avatar
    make a htc evo 4g type hardware device

    also, spec wise, be on par with that device as well

    please stop making clicky clicky touchscreens

    wishful thinking though
    04-10-10 12:38 PM
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