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    I started a similar thread about six months or so ago. Nobody had any solutions at the time, but the problem seemed to go away on its own. Now, the problem has returned, and hasn't corrected itself for the last couple of weeks. Since I can't find my original thread, I'm starting this new one. Please let me know if you have *ANY* idea what is going on here and how to fix it.

    I use my BlackBerry Pearl to receive my corporate e-mail through BES. However, it's also my personal BB, so I use it to receive my Yahoo mail through BIS as well.

    My company's IT policy is the default policy, so there are no restrictions. We're a small company, and have one offsite guy who handles all our IT issues.

    Since this is my personal BB, I have the address book, calendar, task list and memo pad set to wireless synchronization = no. That way, I can get my work e-mail through BES, while still syncing my personal PIM information with my copy of Outlook at home. This is the perfect setup for me, because it allows the majority of the BB to be personal, while still giving me access to my work e-mail.

    About 6 months or so ago, the setting for "wireless synchronization = no automatically changed (for the CALENDER ONLY) to wireless synchronization = yes. It would allow me to set it back to no, but whenever the BB was reset following a battery pull, it would go right back to "wireless synchronization = yes."

    In the prior thread, people responded by saying that it was probably a change made to the IT policy. Well, the IT policy was still listed as default. Further, I called our IT guy, and he said he hasn't made any changes to our BES server.

    So, every time I had to reset, I had to remember to set it back to "wireless synchronization = no." After a couple weeks, the problem went away, and this setting actually stayed in place.

    Jump forward about six months to about two weeks ago.

    I noticed at work that my BB calendar had sync'ed with my office computer. Sure enough, the setting was changed to "wireless synchronization = yes." As before, it will let me change it to "wireless synchronization = no," but upon reset it will change right back.

    As before, I called the IT guy and he said he hasn't touched the BES server.

    This isn't a huge problem, because all I need to do is remember that every time I do a battery pull, I need to go back into the calendar settings and change it to "wireless synchronization = no." That having been said, although it's not a huge problem, it really is annoying.

    I have a BB Pearl, with OS, with AT&T.

    So, anybody have any ideas? Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.
    06-12-08 06:28 PM
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    What a pain that must be. I have tinkered a BUNCH with syncing. I am like you - I have BES at work, and then also have separate pop email accounts. However, unlike you, I don't sync with my DM at all. I have contacts and memo sync wirelessly, but I have calendar set to no wireless (I do the calendar through google - but that's another story for another day).

    The first place I would look is the BES. Do you have the ability to get in there yourself and take a look at the BB manager? Like you, we have a small shop, and only have 4 users. I think I know as much about it as our off-site IT guy. I know how to reset my password in case I have to do a wipe after a botched OS upgrade, etc. I'm wondering if there's a setting on there that's getting changed. Has your work server been reset lately - maybe there's a default setting on the microsoft exchange that's doing something with the BES? I have no idea whether that's it or not, but it's probably where I would start looking first.

    Good luck!
    06-12-08 06:46 PM
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    The first place I would look is the BES. Do you have the ability to get in there yourself and take a look at the BB manager?
    I have access to our full network and I wouldn't be precluded from messing with the BES, *BUT* I wouldn't have the first clue what to look for as my knowledge of the BES is nonexistent. I wouldn't feel comfortable messing around with it out of fear that I'd make a mistake and mess something up.

    I guess my goal here is just to hopefully get some input from the CrackBerry community, and relay the information to my IT guy to see if he can fix it once and for all.
    06-12-08 06:55 PM
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    I understand that completely. While I've looked at the BB manager, I've never really tinkered with its operations. I'm afraid I'd muck it up for everyone else....

    You might also do a search on RIM's knowledge base.... maybe you can find something there.
    06-12-08 06:58 PM
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    Yes. I have had this issue numerous times and my previous fixes had been to remove and then recreate the account in BIS.

    Then, today, I found this:

    How to Reset Wireless Sync on a Blackberry | blog.lanlogic.net

    1. From your BlackBerry, go to Options>Advanced Options>Enterprise Activation.
    2. In the email field, press and hold the ALT key and type CNFG. Once you enter this a hidden menu should appear.
    3. NOTE: On a Blackberry Storm, the key combination will be ALT and type 9,6/
  6. Change the “Wireless Sync” option to No and exit the menu.
  7. Wait 30 seconds and repeat step 2.
  8. Change the “Wireless Sync” option to Yes and exit the menu.

A slow sync will automatically start and in most cases will repair all of the wireless sync settings. In the event that this fails, please contact us and request a reactivation of your BlackBerry. You may also try reactivating your BlackBerry following the instructions in this article: How to Add a User to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Fixed my Google Contact/Gmail Contact wireless synchronization.

What really bothers me is that this is not documented ANYWHERE.

It is not in RIM's knowledgebase.

I never could find it in their forums.

I asked multiple RIM reps at BBWorld and could never get an answer.

I was in touch with a member of the BB Blogging team via BBM, and he promised me he'd find an answer. 7 months later, still haven't gotten a response.

There are at least 4 threads here at Crackberry also asking how to fix this.

I hope this solves other people's issues as this is such a simple fix and MUCH easier than removing and recreating the account on BIS.