1. scoobs1956's Avatar
    Can you help! I have a Blackberry Pearl, and it is the best PDA I ever had! I have not installed the software on my home computer hard disc or office computer hard disc yet. I am connect to my office outlook via a blackberry enterprise server and it constantly synchronizes my outlook information, {Changes in contacts, tasks, e-mail, and calendar} the reason my Company has an enterprise server is that our data including outlook 2003 is all internet based no data is on a local hard drive or server. This all works fine until I get home. I keep both my corporate and personal contacts, tasks and calendar all on my corporate outlook program. In my Blackberry Pearl I also have two personal e-mail accounts so that I may receive personal e-mail also. The two personal accounts are not on the Blackberry enterprise server; however all of the above works fine. What I have the need to do to help keep my complicated life a bit simpler is the following I want to be able to do a wired synchronization with my home computer and my outlook on my home computer hard drive so the information the has been synchronizing all day with my corporate data will be identical to my home computer data, outlook data. Prior to owning the Blackberry Pearl I had a Motorola Q, which was horrible, bad battery life and constant locking up however I was able to synchronize wirelessly and wired so that my home computer data matched my corporate computer data. Black Berry should be able to do this, please help


    11-30-07 06:14 AM
  2. ashworth102680#CB's Avatar
    Bought and installed what I used on my Palm before I got my BB Curve. The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. Works like a charm and way simpler to use than PocketMac.
    05-21-08 07:59 PM