1. hankl78's Avatar

    I recently upgraded my BlackBerry OS and I realized I now have 2 versions of Blackberry OS's on my Windows Vista system. Should I uninstall the old version or just keep them both?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    I have the Storm so you know they'll be more OS's coming.
    04-27-09 07:27 AM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Keeping them both wont hurt anything. What I do is uninstall the one that I dont currently use but keep the setup that I originally downloaded.
    04-27-09 08:04 AM
  3. hankl78's Avatar
    Thanks. I appretciate your help.
    04-27-09 08:24 AM
  4. Heresy's Avatar
    No problem. I'll add the reason I keep all my OS files like that is just in case I have issues with a newer version. I can just go back to the one that I feel works good.
    04-27-09 08:55 AM