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    Hi everybody i hope u can clarify my path!!

    I travel all the time, and change sim card every 2 months. So no chance of paying a data plan always using local pre paid sims. SO i have a windows mobile with excellent wi fi but the temptation is to strong to beat and i will buy a bold/curve 8900 (any thoughts to help me decide?) so my question is would i miss my WM wifi capabilities? Reading ur posts it looks like i won t but i won t to be sure before spending the cash because i will buy a pair of BB. My concern is Msn messenger account over wifi (no matter if it is instant go or eqo just wanna be sure it works)/ gps as on my WM free and no need to pay anything nor connect to wifi....
    Thx in adv and sorry if i bothered u with my ignorance on this subject
    best regards

    04-02-09 04:00 PM
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    Heck no! BB OS is by no means great, but its light years ahead of WM. Lol most people would agree that WM suuucks compared to the BB OS...lol

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    04-02-09 04:27 PM
  3. zinadork's Avatar
    You will miss somethings about wm for sure. The best thing I could say about BlackBerry is that it just works.
    04-02-09 04:31 PM
  4. lulugirl896's Avatar
    I was a WM girl until 2 months ago and there are some growing pains in the course of my move. I love my Bold, and yesterday sold my HTC Fuze because I realized I'm never going back.
    I think you'll need to get most of your email via the mobile web because to use the built-in email client you'll need to be connected to BIS or BES.
    You can use Wifi for your messenger. If the default one doesn't, one of the free alternatives definitely will.
    GPS is, I think, the same. You'll need Wifi to render the map.
    04-02-09 04:35 PM
  5. tatuz4682's Avatar
    with logic mail wouldn t i be able to check my hotmail or yahoo account over wifi?
    04-02-09 05:00 PM
  6. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    If you like windows mobile, I say, don't fix it if it aint broke. Note sure about wifi capabilities, I'm on Verizon, so I have to have a data plan and oops no no wifi on phones lol but I don't know how you could do gps without internet... I'm not sure if you can, but that's something you might want to ask a retailer.

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    04-02-09 09:22 PM
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    Hrmm a new prepaid sim every two months, paying cash for a pair of bbs... You an assissin or something?

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    04-02-09 10:03 PM
  8. tatuz4682's Avatar
    the question was aimed to get constructive opinions as lulugirl
    04-03-09 12:17 AM
  9. ekinnee's Avatar
    Personally I've done WM, iPhone, S60 and many other phones. There are things I miss about all of them. So, you probably would too. Well, I don't miss WM that much.

    I have no idea how much good an BB would do you without BIS or BES. I guess you could use the gmail or some other app that will fetch mail for you. I don't think the IM apps work without access to a BIS/BES either. Not sure.
    04-03-09 12:44 AM