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    Here's a post I made about the future of BB and QNX. Please feel free to link to my blog if you enjoyed it. Article posted below

    I’m sure people are extremely excited about all the new BlackBerries that have been leaked as of late. I know I certainly am. What’s interesting, though, is that the same sentiment seems to be echoed all over the web: these devices are just too little, too late. This is one common topic that keeps popping up all over online forums on a daily basis. I am frequently reading about how some people will stick it out with BlackBerry no matter what, while others can’t take it anymore and are jumping ship to Android or iPhone. Generally, these heated debates seem to be about how these devices won’t be coming out for 6 to 8months, and that by then, other phones will have specs that put these to shame (eg: iPhone and Android). Kevin from Crackberry made an excellent point in a recent podcast this week, where he stated that back in 2008 he predicted that we would get a touch screen Curve and Bold by 2009. It is now 2011 and we are still over half a year a way from any such devices. As member 67Tucker from the Crackberry forums put it,

    “Fast forward to 2011 and everything that RIM does from this point appears to be reactive, and not proactive.”

    I’m very excited to get the Monaco personally I think that will be a fantastic device, but I have to say, I do agree with these sentiments.

    One thing we are told, however, is that RIM is waiting for dual core processors and good battery life before they can use QNX on mobile platforms. Do you guys believe this? I feel like they are trying to pretend and really these 1.2GHz single core flagship models will be upgradeable in to QNX in the future via Desktop Manager. Is this just wishful thinking? Has RIM ever said one thing and done another to throw off the competition? Honestly, I’m quite sure these new devices are capable of running QNX, as they are quite powerful.

    If these next generation devices can’t run QNX, and we are waiting 8 months for them, how long will it be before we can even see dual core BlackBerries that can run it? I’m assuming that it could easily be 1.5 years or more. Just thinking about what other devices may be out at that time makes me sad. Even so, I still find myself favoring my BlackBerry over any other device, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon.
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    Two hundred thousand BlackBerry PlayBooks are just now ready for shipping. Soon now, the next generation of BlackBerry software will be in our hands.

    Mike Lazaridis acknowledged, there are three viable product lines, Communications Devices, Pads and Super Phones.

    Just in time for Christmas, if I were to guess.
    01-31-11 01:32 PM
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    but are the super phones the same as the leaked phones we saw? or have we not seen any super phones. hmm
    01-31-11 01:37 PM
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    I hope so . I really want the Dakota so bad . With Qnx on that phone would be killer .

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    but are the super phones the same as the leaked phones we saw? or have we not seen any super phones. hmm
    When you get a chance to hold a PlayBook in Landscape, blank out the half the screen to the right. How long do you think it will take RIM to spin that plastic?

    Edit: I am not bound by the terms of any Non-disclosure contracts. That means, I am free to speculate too.
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