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    I have two old O2 branded R900 coming next week (basically a 5820) - which is a large screen monochrome device with a phone that can only be used with an earpiece.

    This does not bother me because the large beautiful mono screen can be viewed in all situations (I am outside a lot) and I don't do voice (only email and SMS) - anyway I have an old Nokia for voice calls (maybe one or two a month).

    My question is will the R900 / 5820 work on the RIM network still? (this is *10* year old device from 2001 !!)

    It comes with an IMEI and BB PIN on the back.

    Note: This isn't the R900 pager but the 5810/5820 type full GSM/GPRS device branded by O2 in Europe as the R900 (confusingly).

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    as long as the IMEI and PIN is not blocked
    and the network supports the phone

    your absolute bet is to call your carrier and make sure
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    Many thanks. As these are O2 branded and I am already on the O2 network with a Blackberry (the 7130G) I think the carrier is OK. Can't wait to try!

    By the way if anybody wishes to know what the most INDESTRUCTABLE blackberry ever designed was it's the 7130G..... this has been dropped on concrete, thrown across rooms and hit walls, always in pocket with keys and coins, abused and no care take of it... but it REFUSES to die. It goes on and on with hardly a scratch.
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    Oh my lord. The 7130g is such a brick. It was a good one in 06. Dang look how far blackberry has came. I had to get rid of the 7130 cause it just didn't have any storage.

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    After experiencing a friends 8100 pearl I understood how Rim took a backward step.

    The 8100 feels like a toy compared to the 7130G (and the 7130G is only slightly bigger).

    The 7130G is corporate grade 100% whereas the Pearl was a consumer device and made as such.

    And I found the trackball the most annoying contraption of all time. I will never move from a "one hand does all" side wheel Blackberry - which are fantastic for productivity.

    You want a device for email? I used to swear by the 8700 until I got a 7130G.

    It's gonna be interesting how the 5820 performs on the road. Dare I say it may be better than some of the more 'modern' devices for plain simple text emails
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