1. AtomicLemon's Avatar
    I dont have a Blackberry yet, but I'm strongly considering getting one. I have a question that I thought you guys could help me with.

    Do I still get GPS service and applications if I dont pay for mobile internet service through AT&T? ( I plan on using wifi)
    05-08-09 09:32 PM
  2. Jorex's Avatar
    Yes and no. The GPS is built into the phone, but it requires data to map. So your phone with no software other than the operating system can tell you your GPS coordinates; however, if you want to navigate that requires data, there are applications that you could build up the route, cancel internet (i.e., disconnect from WIFI) and then follow the route to your destination, but recalculating the route (e.g., you made a wrong turn) will be unlikely. Quite honestly, unless you just want to text message (not even SMS), you will end up finding Blackberry to be pretty frustrating without a data package. My wife tried it, and she doesn't web surf, but after 20 days needed data (MMS and Facebook).
    05-08-09 09:53 PM
  3. AtomicLemon's Avatar
    thanks for you help. that sux tho, the service is pretty pricey
    05-08-09 10:04 PM