View Poll Results: Will DM7 & TB7 come out before BBX devices?

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  • Yes. RIM is gonna put their s*** together.

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  • No. RIM hasn't learned from their mistakes.

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  • Don't give no f***.

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  1. sahil123's Avatar
    Its been a month since I got my 9900 and im just curious. Will Desktop Manager 7 & Theme Builder 7 come out before the BBX devices. Kind of pissed with RIM. There are hardly any applications in AppWorld for BlackBerry as compared to Apple & Android, that number lowers even further for OS 7 devices, to top it all RIM delays in providing basic tools for OS 7 devices! Sure hope this doesn't happen with BBX devices or we will be left with an awesome device without BBM/E-mail/Calender/Tasks just like the PlayBook! If that does happen, m next phone is NOT going to be a BlackBerry!
    11-11-11 03:48 PM
  2. mithrazor's Avatar
    OS7 is more of a stop gap if anything. Until they get BBX up and running well.

    And they said Theme Builder will not be available til middle of 2012. And that's what Playbook's for. It was to get everything in order for BBX. The PIM and other missing features. That was them trying to catch up to the competition.

    We should be alright. But don't know about Desktop Manager.
    11-12-11 02:42 PM
  3. BBThemes's Avatar
    there are already versions of DM7 out there.
    11-12-11 04:01 PM