1. Drentz's Avatar
    At the recent apple press conference, rumor hype and expectations came before the announcement of any new devices. There was a sense of let down shared by many after apple failed to announce a vastly redesigned iphone. In fact it wasn't the rumored iphone5, but indeed it was a 4s. Barring the enormous first day sale , many considered the announcement disappointing which i attribute to rumor and speculation.
    And with Devcon days away, i wonder if RIM will WOW us or leave us with that feeling of waiting on the 5 and getting a 4s?

    what will it take for RIM to WOW you?

    will you feel WOWed or the opposite if we are merely shown PB2.0 and told its coming in a week or so? or if the only glimps of the bbx superphone is in mike L's hand the displayed behind plexiglass with demos mirrored on a big screen like a t.v. ad?

    What will it take to WOW you?

    what would you consider a let down?
    10-16-11 08:26 PM
  2. Jake Storm's Avatar
    I'll need to see PB2.0 within days of devcon, if not released at devcon.
    I will need to see BBX on phones going out to developers at the conference or by the end of the month at the latest.

    Then I will be impressed.
    10-16-11 11:09 PM
  3. anon3396357's Avatar
    RIM makes good hardware, but not great. I'm sure they'll continue improving in this aspect. What they need to do is to win developer support, or they'll end up like the Nokia N9.

    The Nokia N9 is an absolutely beautiful device, and in my opinion the best slab phone design ever made, surpassing even the iPhone 4/4S. I played with a demo unit today and it felt orgasmic just to hold it in my hands. The only downside: pitiful app offerings. This wouldn't be an issue if the core apps are great - but they aren't. Finding a a good 3rd-party browser to replace its feature-lacking native browser is already a problem. If it had an app store comparable to RIM's BB App World I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

    What would wow me would be an unabashed effort to woo developers to develop for RIM. Utter commitment. That would wow me, not any smoke and mirrors.
    10-17-11 03:41 AM