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    So what do you call everyone on here? How is it any different?

    I don't understand how people accuse people who chose something different from them as "bandwagon".

    Everything I say is my OPINION and is based on my experiences and what I have learned. It is not meant to attack but to drive meaningful conversation. Let's all be civil!
    The nonconformists always needed the mainstream far more, than the mainstream needed them.

    You can't say that you are different, if you don't have the mainstream setting the baseline of what is considered " the same".

    But through the act of getting together and grouping up against the mainstream, you could very well just become a conformist yourself.
    Which is what you describe.

    Being on the anti CrApple/Samesung bandwagon, is still just being on a bandwagon.

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    07-05-14 09:20 AM
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    Hey OP. I think if those are the 2 choices you have set in your mind then it's a no brainer. Wait for 10.3 on your current phone, and if it doesn't blow you away then get an iphone6.

    For myself, my upgrade isn't until next February so I'm going to get some time to enjoy 10.3.

    I wasn't sure where I was leaning to for my next phone. After having the Z10 (which I love) I couldn't see myself going back to a pkb even though I missed it. But I wasn't sure what the next full touch from BlackBerry would be.

    I don't want an iPhone - not a fan of that walled garden - and android is just a no for me. The only other option I'm remotely interested in is a Windows phone, but I know I would really miss the Hub.

    Then I saw the Passport. So now I'm planning on trying it out. If it's everything I hope, that will be my next phone. If not, I'm back to my indecision. Lol.

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    I have the Z30 and it's amazing!

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    07-05-14 09:28 AM
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    I've had iPhones, Samsung and Motorola Droids. Absolutely every single one of them eventually proved unreliable and buggy at one time or another. My blackberries never had a problem. I had the old ones from 2004 to 2008 with T-Mobile and they were great. Work and personal reasons forced me to switch to Verizon, who at the time completely neutered Blackberry devices so I started the Android dance and later the iPhone dance when iPhone came to Verizon.
    And there were always problems.
    Enter my new Blackberry Q10:
    Life is good!!!
    This little work horse does not quit, it's fast, smooth and easy to operate, fantastic battery life.
    Why would I use anything else?
    I do have an iPad which is less hiccupy than my now defunct Note Pro, I love the portability, it does what I need without fanfare. (I use it all day for work and it's what I take with my on trips instead of a laptop)
    I have an iPod touch.
    But my phone is a Blackberry and will remain a Blackberry.

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    07-05-14 10:04 AM
  5. celticmagick's Avatar
    The only way I'd consider an iPhone is if iOS was completely re-worked and made into something new.

    If I was unable to use a BlackBerry in the future, I would possibly consider a Windows phone. As much as I would hate to go that route. Then again, maybe something completely new and different would be available by that time. This, of course, is only if BlackBerry was no more.

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    07-05-14 11:37 AM
  6. tagumcity's Avatar
    For some, leaving BlackBerry is a fair consideration. Admittedly, the Android ecosystem offers certain benefits. But what Android offers just can't match by a considerable distance what BlackBerry is to me. I'm all in for the long haul with BlackBerry devices.

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    07-05-14 01:39 PM
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    iPhone 6 sapphire display torture test. Is it a game changer?

    07-08-14 02:17 PM
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    I cannot stand iOS and that hideous home button that Steve Jobs praised about - just not my taste. And I just don't like iTunes which I find so annoying so no Apple products for me. Every time I press that button, I just want to smash the i-whatever that I'm holding against the wall.

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    Like you man! Imagine that we would be all so decided this freaky Crapple phone would not be so ******* popular... imagine that in my country people are si disperate for this design that don't mind about functionality. it's on trend it's taking cate about you, respect you, so love it and spend entire salaries on it. It's freaking how this evolving . And in this way I'm also mad about BlackBerry that done nothing to manage his marketing. Imagine that I was in this weekend in Amsterdam, near ArenA, where there is a MediaMarkt and on the phones shelf BlackBerry wasn't present? Every ******* phone was there just BlackBerry no.

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    07-08-14 04:00 PM
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    Plus iTunes on both OSX and windows what a piece of **** software. Several years after zune's death and it's software is still better...


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    Not to mention anything you buy on iTunes is not actually yours if you change platforms. Good way to waste a bunch of $$
    07-09-14 05:22 PM
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