1. ksig's Avatar
    First off, i know that there are dozens if not hundreds of forums online about this topic but i am still having trouble connecting my new Bold to my wifi at my house. It has connected to other free wifi networks on occasion but i still have issues. Can anyone walk me through the setup/troubleshooting process? My network is saved and recognized by the device however i get a message in the troubleshooter saying "IP address has expired" or it gets stuck on "associating with the network"

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    06-25-10 10:25 PM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    You have a common problem.

    Take a look at the WIFI forum section

    This link has some ideas that might be useful

    06-25-10 11:25 PM
  3. Kylecore's Avatar
    Sometime you just need to unplug your router for 30 seconds and then replug it back in.

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    06-26-10 02:06 AM