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    I just bought a refurb 8820 on ebay from an online reseller. Love it, except I can't turn on the WiFi which is one of the main reasons I got the 8820. I have been searching and reading on every blackberry forum and wiki imaginable and done everything from battery pulls to hard resets to wipes and restoring and not restoring to tweaking the service book. I am fairly knowledgable as far as blackberries and IT but am about to give up hope.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    No matter what I do when I try to turn on WiFi through the "manage connections" or through the "setup WiFi" or from inside the browser it immediately says "unable to turn on wifi"

    I don't have a data plan and I don't think there are any IT policies on it. I also am using the newest OS,, and the latest BBDM version, 5.0.1

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    Try going to your Mobile Network settings and change your network to WiFi only and see if it connects to an inrange hotspot!

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    Did you get your issue resolved? Wifi up and running alright?

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    I have similar problem.In advance option under browser "Default Browser" only entry there is "Blackberry Browser". Also Default MDS Browser configuration is same. There is no Pull Down Menuto set default to Wifi or hotspot. Att told me that only way you can use Wifi is to subscribe to Blackberry Plan. In that case, what is the use of WIFI, when you are charged for internet service.
    Also, ATT says once you subscribe to Blackberry, you cannot unsubscribe it. This seems like a Scam to me. ATT says this is not their requirement, it comes from Blackberry.
    Any thoughts on this guys.
    Any possible way I can use browser thru WIFI. Phone does recognize active WIFI connections and connects to it with yellow circle. But when try to open browser it will not go thru wifi. I have turned off settings in tcp and cell broadcast
    04-16-10 05:55 PM