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    Done a quick forum search but can't find anything specific. Also, I don't have my bberry yet so can't try things out.

    I'm on a University campus so my wifi is connected via a proxy, however when I did a quick search online earlier I read something about the bberry not having any changeable proxy settings? Does this mean I won't be able to use the campus wifi?

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: Btw it's a curve 8900 with a data plan.
    11-22-09 09:33 AM
  2. LaurenFah's Avatar
    Could anyone help? Much appreciated.
    11-30-09 05:35 AM
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    Jummm.... I have the same problem, jajaja...... but I found a page through St Google, that maybe could help you, just write "How to configure proxy balckberry".... it is a forum of in the page of blackberry.

    Although I found this page, I still have the same problem, due to I have a 8120 and it doesn't have a option within the menu, which said "BlackBerry Manager"....... actually I don't know what is that, I heard that maybe is a application that it should be downloaded.

    See you,
    02-19-10 11:18 AM