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    Hi, just got the handset around 3 days ago and so far apart from the 2 things i'm about to ask about all is great. Got my personal emails from Gmail/Hotmail working and my work email. My question relates to the calendar, previously on my iTouch I provided the address of our MS Exchange server and mail and calendar worked. On the storm the email is fine but the Calendar only synchs via a cable. When I check calenar properties it says "Wireless Synchronisation" No, and the button is greyed out and unclickable.

    There is a wifi network at my place of work but I've had a problem joining it so wondered if this is why it's disabled?

    This leads to the next question I've been provided 2-3 .cer files with the correct certificates in but can't figure out how to install them? They exist in emails on the device and the PC.


    V5.0.0.497 (Platform

    Wireless Synchronisation NO
    05-04-10 07:43 AM