1. sbudaj's Avatar
    After upgrading to .607, my Wifi will connect the first time I enter my office, (a preset Wifi connection), but when I leave the office and return, Wifi is not reconnecting. All other wireless devices in the office are working (notebooks, printer, etc.) properly.

    Is this an issue with .607? Never happened with .320. I was previously able to come and go and it would always reconnect automatically.

    I also tried to turn off Wifi on my phone and then restart it without success connecting to Wifi.

    Any suggestions?

    04-08-10 11:25 AM
  2. spyderman09's Avatar
    I have no issues with WiFi reconnecting when I enter (or return to) a saved WiFi spot, and I'm on .607

    Do you use any of the third party Wifi "management" apps (the ones that use cell tower data to turn it off and on)? Also, maybe something in the Wifi profile is screwed up? If it isn't too much of a hassle, maybe delete and re-scan/add the wifi network to see if that works.
    04-08-10 12:07 PM
  3. sbudaj's Avatar
    I don't have any wifi management software.

    I'll try deleting and adding the office router. Maybe that will do it.

    04-08-10 12:44 PM
  4. sbudaj's Avatar
    Well, I deleted and added the network but still won't work.

    If I try to connect manually I get an error that says "Failed to associate with the network."

    The network is found and it shows the green triangle next to the profile. When I check WiFi Diagnostics, it has the router name and IP address, but the box next to "connecting" has a red X in it.
    04-08-10 01:02 PM
  5. sbudaj's Avatar
    OK, I rebooted the router and have reconnected to it. I'll see what happens when I leave and come back!
    04-08-10 01:18 PM
  6. edsonchen2's Avatar
    i have same issue on the wifi,it is show up the wifi is connected,but when i open the browser,it will said no internet,my computer and my iphone all working fine on wifi,wait some can fix it,thank you very much
    04-08-10 02:48 PM