1. gbilo1963's Avatar
    I recently upgraded the OS to on my TMo 9900 and now have WiFi calling and reception, but I find I can't be further away than 20 or so feet from the router before the warning signal goes off that the signal is too weak and I'm about to lose the call. I have a new-ish Linksys wireless N gigabit router and it worked fine with my 9700 on UMA - I had strong reception at least 120 feet away or more. What's the opinion here - does the 9900 just have a poor wifi receiver (if that's what it's called?). I've tried 'tuning' my settings, but it's just not that strong - I have to practically sit on the router for it to work. humm.
    03-20-12 06:36 PM
  2. The Fuzz 53's Avatar
    Throw that Linksys in the trash and get a Netgear. I'll never buy another Linksys again. Everything they make is rubbish.
    03-21-12 08:44 AM
  3. nd1983's Avatar
    It could be a variety of factors causing you issue. Anything from cordless phones to audio speaker.

    To fuzz, id trust a cisco product over net gear anyday
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    03-21-12 08:53 AM